Cruz soundly beats Trump in Iowa; Hillary edges past Bernie

Rubio strikes me as a cardboard cutout of a politico. The way he failed to support the immigration bill he wrote/co-wrote doesn’t say good things about his willingness to get things done, and having written the Senator and received a half-assed reply full of mistakes (regarding the ACA’s support of contraceptive devices), I’d guess that there’s even less ‘there’ there. Rubio looks pretty and he’s young…he makes me think of a Latino Dan Quayle.


Under 40 Democrat here. The ONLY reason I would vote for Hillary, is that she is not a Rebublican (or so the oldies keep trying to tell me at least).


It’s really weird. I’ve basically been avoiding the Republican debates because car crashes aren’t funny (not hard since few seem to be streamed anyway), but from what I’ve seen Bush is possibly the most sensible one. At least comes across as serious. Maybe Kasich. Graham was okay apart from the minor issue of wanting to start WWIII.

The others are, to a person, appalling. And Rubio is a hack who can’t even be bothered to do his current job.

Oh, for a Jon Huntsman.


I’m honestly surprised that Trump didn’t come in third or worse after skipping the debate and openly insulting the people of Iowa (“How stupid are Iowa voters??”). But in the long run, I don’t think he cares. This is a looooong game and he’s got a lot of states and delegates to go. He and Rubio will likely do well in NH.

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Under 50 Democrat here. I feel exactly the same.


Over 40 Democrat-ish (*) here and I’m really not sure that Hilary isn’t just Zombie Reagan wearing a mask.

(*) only a Democrat when there’s an actual progressive in the running, otherwise Green or Socialist


Question of procedure: if a candidate decides to leave the race, what happens to the delegates he has already won? Are they reapportioned based on the primary votes (i.e. as though that candidate’s votes didn’t exist, everyone else gets more)? Do they become free agents (each delegate chooses who to support)? Does the ex-candidate assign them to someone else?


Dan Quayle’s dream! That means he would have grown up speaking Latin!

ETA: Hillary Clinton’s new campaign slogan: “Just Lucky I Guess!”


I noticed the same thing. In isolation he might look like a clown but next to the rest of that freakshow he actually looked and acted like a grown-up. He was the only one to have anything close to a reasonable stance on immigration and the only one to openly admit that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism. That’s not much of a start but it’s better than what the other guys have.


As a disheveled pinko grandpa, I take exception to your characterization of Bernie Sanders as a disheveled pinko grandpa. However accurate it may be.


Bush is also closely aligned with the neocon warmongers who brought us the Bush II/Cheney Iraq invasion cum endless war. So, caveat emptor.


Yeah but thanks to First Past The Post voting she’ll get a lot of “I like the other guy even less” votes.

Oh, for sure. I don’t want him to WIN. But Ted Cruz thinks the best way to deal with a terrorist organization embedded within a civilian population is to “carpet bomb” them, even over the vocal objections of the U.S. General in command of the coalition fighting ISIS.

As horrifying as the thought may be, Jeb may actually be the most “moderate” of his GOP peers.


Coin tosses and this…


I think they become free agents.

GOP looks like a 3 way tie…

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Sounds like nobody wins again!

The caucus system is so cute and downhomey and old fashioned! (and rife with fraud and errors and incredibly inaccurate)


It’d be a sound margin if it got Cruz more than the 1 extra delegate he got beyond what Trump and Rubio got. It’d be a sound margin if it were a majority rather than a plurality. Hillary got 1 more delegate than Sanders did, and that’s being called basically a tie.

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The margin of votes between Cruz and Trump is more than ten times as wide as the margin between Hillary and Bernie.

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