Trump wins big in Iowa GOP caucus

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Haley, this morning, declared she will do no more debates unless they include ■■■■■

The only people he’s going to debate are judges and prosecutors.


Trump wins biggly in Iowa GOP caucus



Genuinely worried that Haley will end up as the Rep. candidate by accident now. At least DeSantis has been fairly consistently mad and voter-repulsive; Haley has become the US version of Liz Truss - a swivel-eyed true-believer convert to the cult but with some appeal outside the base.


Trump is effectively the incumbent here and he didn’t crack 50 percent. Not as big a win as the media are saying.


The media-industrial complex desperately wants this to be a normal horse race primary. It just isn’t. The Know-Nothing 27% (here reflected in the 51% figure) aren’t budging.

In the unlikely case that either Haley or DeSantis drops out, enough supporters will shift to Il Douche to cement his win (especially if, as is likely with these cowards and opportunitists, they endorse him). If both stay in until the end, they’ll also cement his win by splitting the establishment vote. Nothing except a serious health problem for Biff is going to give the GOP another nominee.


Except maybe a prison sentence. Maybe. :crossed_fingers:


Someone likened Trump winning another presidency to Brexit; a slow train wreck that everyone saw coming, but couldn’t stop.

30% of the voters will support him no matter what. The love his simple messaging. They’re secretly racist, and know it. They think that they can someone make their lives better by being in on the graft, that is the Trump brand.


Trump got 51%, so I’m not sure you’re looking at the up to date figures. Regardless, he’s not the incumbent. Serious candidates like DeSantis and Haley would not be running if he were. He’s not a typical non-incumbent candidate, for sure, but still…the previous largest margin of victory in challenged Iowa GOP caucus was 12%. Trump won by about 30%. It’s a big win.


It’s not simple, it’s chaotic


Especially since Haley and DeSantis each spent about twice as much in Iowa as the Trump campaign did.


50% of the 14% of Iowa Republicans who came out to vote is hardly a “big win”.


Yeah, Trump sat on his heels, didn’t participate in any debate, complained about all his criminal charges, and still won by 30 points. I don’t blame Haley for not wanting to do any more debates without Trump. It’s pointless. And I can’t blame Trump for not debating. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose.


Especially when cable networks will give him town halls in front of friendly audiences while the other schmoes are stuck in debates.


Yep. The media is doing their damndest to put him back in the White House.


It’s an abusive relationship. The more he calls them “the enemy of the people”, the more enamoured they are with him.


Not bad for a guy who faces 91 felony charges.

Let’s repeat that, 91 felony charges across 4 criminal cases.


The last “big” win in Iowa was Dole with 12%… so yeah, this is a pretty wide margin…

However, we should keep this in mind…

Turnout was low in these caucuses compared to the record-setting 2016 turnout. Only about 110,000 Republicans caucused with 99% of results in, as of 1:30 a.m. ET.
That represents less than 15% of the total number of registered Republicans in the state – perhaps not surprising in the record cold. But Trump got almost 900,000 votes in Iowa in 2020.

It’s pretty amazing for so few voters to play such a prominent role in the presidential nominating process.

Pretty much only the most enthusiastic came out in the shitty weather to caucus. So a tiny percent of white people in one of the whitest states are dictating the direction of the GOP primaries…


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That’s like the worst kept secret in history…


More than 70 percent of GOP voters think Trump is still the legitimate president. Some NH polls have Haley with single digits. He’ll probably still win the nomination, but it’s not the fait accompli we’re hearing.

Interesting, Haley and DeSantis are still in it. Vivek it looks like finally got the message that no one likes him. Asa is one of those people who as you were leaving the party were surprised that 1) he was at the party and 2) was still here.

Looking at the number who voted, over 76,000 less people voted than in 2016 (and overall, these numbers are sooo low compared to the total number of registered Republican voters in total). There are probably multiple reason for this, including the weather and the assumption that Trump would win no matter what. But I think it possibly means a lot of apathy within the party. Not as many showed up, which maybe will translate to them staying home in November.

While a commanding lead, it is still early. I have a nagging feeling he will end up winning the nomination, but hold out some hope I am wrong. :confused: