Sanders declares victory in Iowa caucus as final results trail in

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Can Grampa Joe please be seated now, please?


Quote >> “Elizabeth Warren running a close third” << Endquote

She’s closer to Biden than either of Sanders or Buttigieg :slight_smile:


Bloomy just busted out another 15 Million dollars so we can get to know him better via bad TV commercials.


he and pete should both be proud. but he mustn’t make the same mistake Hillary did. as nice as the popular vote it, you’ve gotta be counting the electoral college votes to win in the end. I think Pete did the equivalent of that in Iowa and it matters. at least as long as this is the system we have. Bernie better be campaigning hard in rural and working class parts of the country.


Even when the percentage difference was bigger, it was essentially a tie. Worrying about small margin primary victories is a relic of the days when most states allocated all the delegates to the winner.

I’m a little surprised Sanders, with all his experience, thinks the slight edge is a big deal. Or that many of his supporters, after talking non-stop about how meaningless the Iowa caucuses are, should have cared so much about this 1-2% difference.

You think grandparents shouldn’t be running?


I’m with you on that, it very well may be his blind spot…


Bi bi Biden.


Apparently Sanders was the only candidate to focus on turn out in satellite caucuses for absentee voters. And the late returns is what put him over the top. He’s currently coasting towards a lead in delegates of various sorts as well.

So he did that. Just in a different way than Buttigieg did. Mayor Pete appears to have focused on smaller rural districts with a disproportionate share of delegate equivalents.


its a very close race. Both candidates should be proud of that and i hope they both keep it up. personally I’m rooting for Bernie. but yeah strategically they both did well.


P.S. Californians, about 20 Million have mail-in ballots already, My Dear Wife and I mailed it yesterday.


The final stage of abstruseness hidden in all the coverage is that it finally boils down to 45 conference delegates, and the count will be something like Sanders and Buttigieg getting 12, Warren 10 and Biden getting 7 or whatever because of the way it cuts.


Here’s one such tally, from earlier in the count. As of now Biden has sweet fuck all delegates from Iowa.


That’s actually the one I looked at, from AP

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careful, Bernie – don’t jump the gun. that’s a classic mistake. slow and steady, just like you’ve always done it.


It’s hard not to get excited about any, I mean any Dem. candidate taking tRump to the woodshed. May tRump Co. experience a crushing humiliating defeat in November.


The downside there is that due to the crowded field and drawn-out primary process there are probably going to be at least a couple of candidates who drop out of the race before the California primary election, so early voters run the risk of casting their votes for a candidate who isn’t even going to be in the running anymore by the time their votes are counted.

For example, in the 2016 Presidential Primary election only Clinton and Sanders were still on the ballot by the time Californians got a chance to weigh in. Anyone who had sent in a mail-in ballot supporting Martin O’Malley would have lost their chance to decide which remaining candidate was their favorite.


When asked why he was declaring victory despite the neck-and-neck delegate count, he told reporters “because I got 6,000 more votes.”

In the popular vote? How quaint, Bernie. Don’t you know that in Iowa (as in the general election) there’s an extra layer of BS abstraction to make sure the conservative views of elderly rural voters get disproportionate weight? The party establishment must preserve the neoliberal status quo, and they’re not going to let democracy get in the way!


Wall Street Pete did that with zero data to back it up, three days ago. Let the splitting of the hairs begin!


As far as I can tell it was always expected to be close as well. Polling was surprisingly limited, but mostly showed a lot close numbers. All that’s really shifted up is who was looking close to who and in what order.

I was a little surprised Buttigieg managed end up in the tie, but probably shouldn’t have been. He was more considered a factor in Iowa because of bodies on the ground than polling. And he would have been done if he didn’t do well here.

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