Sanders declares victory in Iowa caucus as final results trail in

Being able to say you won is an actual big deal. It helps fundraising, changes perceptions, changes coverage and energizes supporters.


The delayed tally may just be the very thing we needed as a Nation, a lot of folks are paying attention, the level of voter fuc#kery awareness is on the up tick.

I have spoken.


He’s the Andrew Yang of Amy Klobuchars.


Don’t forget, the firm that made the app that pooped the bed on Monday night was backed by the same financial people as Mayo Pete, and had ex-Obama and Hillary people involved.

PLUS, the Times notes irregularities in the count – not malice, but error:

Tom Perez, DNC dude and Titanic Captain, is asking for a “re-canvass” –

– instead of saying, “Uh, Iowa? You don’t get to be firsty-first anymore. Sorry.” That’d change something. This is just theater.


I get the impression that Buttigieg blew pretty much his entire budget in Iowa.

He’ll probably get a bunch more money from ex-Biden backers now, but he’ll burn through that pretty fast as well. Astroturf is expensive.


I expect Bernie in the coming months will go after Mayo Pete’s wall street affiliations, I would.


And McKinsey. In some ways, that’s just as bad as his reliance on big-money donors.


If that really is your takeaway and not a troll, then you are mistaken.


You know, he’s had many opportunities to clean up the Big Money / Wall Street perceptions, but he seems to think it has little or no merit to his being elected.


oh i hear ya. as voters, getting excited about a candidate is our job, though. and i am excited. i just don’t want him to come out crowing without the proof. that always damages a candidate. and sure, he is referring to the popular vote, but we know how winning the popular vote worked out last time…


He still seems to be under the impression that being a McKinsey alum will be an advantage against a right-wing populist. Or a left-wing one, for that matter. Populist movements are by definition anti-elitist.


Pretty interesting how the second-round votes ended up… I was not expecting Bernie to be neck-and-neck with Pete. 2020 is going to be wild.


I guess. It is hard for me to imagine that anyone with any money or influence would think of this as something other than a tie, but it could be. (And if his supporters were any more energized they’d be major factor in global warming.)

Just reacting to the ageism. There are a lot of reasons to be happy Biden did poorly, but there’s no reason to harp on his age unless you genuinely believe it should be a factor.

Buttigieg has something of a funding issue. His big money donors are fairly regional, coming from connections to “prominent” South Bend personalities. They pumped a lot of money into his campaign early.

But the thing with being really reliant on big donors, is they hit legal limits on contributions pretty quick. So if you don’t have a lot of them, or can’t continually attract more. You hit this sudden cash crunch when they tap out.

Biden has already hit that point, more than once.

I suspect Buttigieg’s sudden shift to a “young Biden” pitch is more to do with that. A lot of Biden’s donors may have tapped out, but they can turn around and fund another candidate.

Besting Biden in Iowa, especially coming in at the top of the field when Biden didn’t. Is gonna attract those donors. So go for broke in Iowa or he’s out of it anyway. He doesn’t really seem to have the connections or apparatus to make that happen outside the Midwest though.

And with Warren and Sanders having a much bigger form of that same home field advantage in New Hampshire he might get his legs cut out from under him.


Bernie’s donors are small donors. And whoever gets the final headline saying they won will most certainly be using that going forward. If it doesn’t matter who won - why have an election?


Though not necessarily consistent on who counts as an “elitist.”

See: working-class people from Middle America who railed endlessly about “coastal elites” before electing a Manhattan billionaire who lived atop a gilded tower adorned with his name in giant gold letters.


Who is that masked man?

[note sarcasm in these dark times]


For sure. My point is that McKinsey explicitly and shamelessly positions itself as elitist in its hiring practises, and Wall Street Pete is leaning into that hard on the CV he’s presenting to voters.


If it doesn’t matter who won - why have an election?

The Iowa election was just to determine delegate allocation, which was not “winner takes all”; there was no one winner (and there wouldn’t have been even had the outcome not been a tie).

I didn’t say it was a winner takes all. Seriously - how can winning not be important?