Cuddly log-pillows




What rolls Down stairs
Alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbors dog

It’s sits on your back
It’s great for a snack
It’s log! Log! Log


*from Blammo!


Random thought. A different kind of a log pillow, that would sense and record your sleep movements for further processing.


The logs come in birch, plantus, or log? These things are photorealistic and yet that third one’s species is “log”?


I’m so glad the shagbark hickory didn’t make it out of focus group testing. That thing was really uncomfortable.


it’s better than bad, it’s good!


Pillow fight !




Looks perfect for my log lady cosplay!


Cory, the pillow is a dream. The microbead stuffing is a nightmare.


Great. Another day, another campaign…

Besides, the “microbeads” in pillows are orders of magnitude bigger than the ones the campaign is about.


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