Curious nipple-stabilized video of fellow skiing shirtless


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Men’s nipples do not serve a vital fu…


I never expected to see the phrase “nipple-stabilized video” in this lifetime.



It’s like it’s staring at me.


need to see the, ahem, female version of that


I’m expecting someone to come out with some sort of video processing filter for online porn. You can select any body part to stabilize you want and take a really wild ride.



Is this a bug or a feature?



I have a vague recollection of a comedy sketch of the two-blokes-talking-together variety — it could have been Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, or maybe Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones — talking about pictures of naked ladies, which contains the line, 'It’s funny how the nipples follow you about the room".

I now know exactly what they meant.


Bah, my nipples are naturally stable.

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