Stabilized footage of a cow playing with a hay bale


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Happily playing? I can’t see the cow’s smile…


Fun fact for makers: the same effect can be achieved with a tripod. (Made of 2" PVC pipe and glitter glue)


#3 reason I can’t eat red meat: Cows play with haybales.


Stop playing with your food, Bessie!


I can attest (if this is possibly Kansas or a similar state)…you gotta do something, anything, to relieve the boredom.


This will be very upsetting to Sisyphus The Bull.


Because otherwise a person might find themselves tempted to jump into a meat renderer…?


I really don’t understand the reasoning behind “stabilizing” byteage of video. Does it greatly affect the way you perceive or enjoy the content? It doesn’t for me. Maybe I am weird this way.


Most dairy cows are just stabilized for the night; during the day they feed out in the pasture.


Playing? or trying to access the food?

Sometimes bales like that are placed in a ring, and sometimes they are unrolled on the ground so that a large herd can all chow down. It looks to me like the animal is trying to access the food, since there isn’t any growing.

We once had a bull that would “play” with stuff. He ended up at the rodeo because no one else would take him. They all said he was dangerous, which he was. I wouldn’t go in a field with him after he kicked and shattered a bucket in my hand.


If the footage is jumping all over the place so you can’t really get a good look at it, yes. For example, the famous Big Foot video.

And stabilizing Star Trek is just fun so you can see them throw themselves around the set instead of the illusion of the ship shaking. =o)



Well, I’m glad it was stabilized. Both a Yeti and a second shooter became obvious once the the frame stopped jumping about.


It’s the little hip hop in her giddyup that makes me think she’s having some fun with the hay. :slight_smile:

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