Custom gift wrap that has your (or someone else's) face on it


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First thought: that’s stupid.

Second thought:. Ooooh! Grandparents.


Perfect for when you need to gift wrap everyone’s presents with Nic Cage’s face everywhere


The Thanksgiving one has a kind of serial killer vibe seeing as how we (well, the averaged collective we) kill and eat turkey over the holidays. Not a good look for a wrapping paper.


It’s sad that I don’t hate anyone enough to send a Donald Trump themed wrapping paper wrapped gift that wouldn’t appreciate the paper.


Thanksgiving themed wrapping paper: the mind boggles.

Also: no space or spaceships. I guess that’s a little disheartening. I should make my own generic space ship themed stuff.


Not even Donald Trump?


There’s an option in the “weddings” category that has a background pattern of large, pink… ahem, organs. Trump’s face would lay over that quite nicely.

ETA: There we go. (NSFW, probably.)


but the problem is that Donald Trump would super appreciate the paper.


I guess Trump wouldn’t appreciate that paper. I was just going to send him a toilet paper roll with his face on it.



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