D.C. man welcomed over 60 protesters overnight into his home

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It’s very telling from the Twitter comments how few people actually pay attention in civics courses in high school.


Yeah but now it’s down to 60. Never mind other reports of around 100. Apparently Rahul’s house is supernatural and it’s population when a closed environment is in heavy flux.

Cool house.

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It’s bigger on the inside.



My sheltering partner and I have been crying from some of what we’ve been seeing. It’s nice to get tears in my eyes from something good related to this!


I love this guy’s whole channel. He does some great lawyering to various pop culture things; plus some more serious items (check out the videos on Tiger King).

This is clearly a more personal take on what we saw in DC. His commentary is great.

main channel.

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Wasn’t there an episode post Tenant where a Tardis was a house? Maybe it was just a normal spaceship that was a house. They all start to run together lately.

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Unfortunately, he’s now set himself up for police harassment for the rest of his life. In their eyes he is actively and openly sheltering criminals (even though he absolutely is not), and police departments have a horrendous history of bullying and retaliation for anything they see as remotely disrespectful. I can only imagine what they’re going to put him through after so much media attention showing him in
good light while pointing out every bullshit police actions. He deserves all the acclaim, and the police deserve every bit of scorn they’re getting, but I fear that that won’t be how the police see it and he’s going to be dealing with bullshit “noise complaints” and “wellness checks” for years to come

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Fortunately there will be plenty of good lawyers lining up to take his harassment case pro-bono.


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