Meet Rahul Dubey, 'absolute legend' who sheltered ~70 protestors inside his home for 8 hours overnight

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“I fucking love this country.” — Rahul Dubey


This is what a hero looks like.


Rahul Dubey did something :angel:


He looks like Harriet Tubman or Oskar Schindler.


Christ. What an awesome man.


Exactly. It’s ordinary people like this who stop fascism before it gets a foothold. I think there’s a word for that ideological stance…


I don’t know if i would have the courage to do what this guy did, but i hope that when presented with the opportunity to do good on this level i will try my best. This guy is a truly hero.


Boss of a person. And that interview at the top of the article is really beautiful. Inspiring to see who this guy was/is. Thanks for posting.


They were talking to each other, consoling each other, rinsing each other’s eyes out while the police sprayed tear gas in through the windows.

Monsters. Every single one of them.


Heard about this late last night.

Good for him!

That’s what real courage looks like; being afraid and still doing the right thing anyway.


I think if you’re a good person, you hope to look for opportunities to be a really good human for others. You can’t seek these things out, just have to welcome the moment and act when they reveal themselves to you. I’m not sure I would have had the brass balls he displayed, literally becoming a wall between the cops and their targets. I’m guessing it had to be an impulsive decision, too.

It’s so tough, too, because we live in a country where letting any stranger into your house is a risk, let alone 70! That’s wild.

I also want to say that is one fucking lucky thirteen year old kid. Great father. This whole post is the best news I’ve read or watched today.


I looked around and saw kids from age 20 to 50 in the house…

Hey, so I’m not a kid anymore just because I’m 55? What does that make me, then – a young adult?


This man is a living Folk Hero. One of the few times I can see the word ‘legend’ thrown around and actually feel like the term is being justly applied.


That’s true, there could always be undercover cops and/or agents provocateur. But arguably the biggest risk here were the gestapo cops hunting the protestors. This amazing man literally protected seventy victims from a dim-witted but heavily armed force with legal immunity to beat, murder and destroy.


@GulliverFoyle I totally agree. This has been a depressing weekend though with others traveling inside a larger group and doing fucked up stuff. I wasn’t meaning to add paranoia to a good deed. In some ways, welcoming a large group into your home carries less risk than one or two strangers.

And yep, this is about the cops desire to hunt down teenagers and young activists, so much that a citizen had to be an arbitrator to power, above everything.


These are emotional times but this comment isn’t particularly useful. We will have to wait for more facts to understand this remarkable story. It just doesn’t make sense that the cops would spend those resources laying siege to this house.

Late addendum in response to the replies:

First off, I am appalled at what is going on, and really had no idea how pervasive the injustices are, and unaware of the pent up rage that is now (again?) exploding. Yes, I’m privileged. I am also inexperienced: I don’t live in the States, and despite being very much a multi-ethnic city, there are very few black people here.

Based on your replies, I now see that my incredulity is not entirely valid, and historically, that the cops at the scene could indeed have been monsters. This may have sounded sarcastic, but it is not.

Lastly, I have been on the inside of news stories and know that not all facts see print. BB often makes the case for evidence-based decision making, and I’d like to see ALL the evidence.

Wake up. Your privilege will only protect you from fascists for so long.


I think (or hope) you missed a sarcasm tag there. It’s not like this is new or unusual behaviour for American cops:

You know what, I’m willing to take the word of the homeowner on this one.


People who are peacefully protesting getting kettled into a house, and then having cops spray mace through the windows is not standard operating procedure, nor all of the scumbag tactics of lying to them so they can arrest them for no reason. Your comment isn’t particularly helpful, get outta here with this apologist nonsense.


When we are ignorant and unaware, of course it doesn’t make sense, b/c lies, propaganda, intentionally excluded history, etc, hide the reality.