Da Musicz


More seriously, I was a young man during the disco era, but I was formed by a mixture of R&B, Soul, blues (both American and British), jazz and rock in my tweens and teens. The music of my formative years (very Old School), in the versions I listened to back then:



More Soviet fusion, Melodiya Ensemble. The label’s house band, maybe? Forgive me all these albums, but it need sharing somewhere. Definitely feel good stuff.


For some odd reason, in amongst the Three Dog Night and CCR 8 tracks left behind by my eldest brother there was also one by Hot Chocolate



All the way back to 1981:


And a little bit earlier than that:

(I saw Al Stewart live back in 2002 - it was a good show!)




Because, bluegrass and Chuck Berry. Go Johnny go.


Because, bluegrass and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Because, bluegrass and Elton John: Rocket Man.


Funk is still very much alive in New Orleans.


Yes, but


Wow! Fantastic.


Better than Hayseed Dixie… and y’all can go look that up yourselves.


My go-to lass for unconventional instrumentation in a rock tune:






I love The Specials, just putting them on cheers me up. I did notice though, while looking for songs for this thread, most of the music I go to to for solace has dark or pessimistic lyrics (including them). ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Because, Girls ROCK! and the band name Zepparella. :sunglasses:


Stay’in alive with music.

Music is keeping me alive during these times but, if CPR is needed, I’ll take the funk.