Da Musicz


As long as it’s not “one direction” it’s all good.


Because, well, it’s Friday night…


well, because one thing leads to another

OMG why do we not walk down the street like this?!


I cannot like the Sugar Hill Gang, because I know the history of Rappers Delight.

Just as if you posted _Planet Roc_k, I wouldn’t be able to like that either; because I now know about Afrika Bambatta’s predatory antics.



Sometimes the body moves to things and we don’t know why. I wish we didn’t know why.








see you’ve got your fists out
you say peace out and and get out.
guess we get the gist of it but
it’s alright

sorry that you feel that way.
the only thing there is to say
every silver lining’s got a
touch of grey

tis a lesson to we
the abes and the bankers and the C’s
the ABC’s we all must face
to try to keep a little grace

perhaps the rent is in arrears
the dog has not been fed in years
even worse than it appears?
it’s alright

cow was given kerosene
kid been here for seventeen
the words he knows are all obscene but
it’s alright

whistle through your teeth and spit 'cause
it’s alright

oh, well, a touch of gray
< kinda suits you anyway,
that’s was all i had to say but
it’s alright




this is what it sounds like, when doves cry



Sounds like you could be into Schoenberg also.


“Maybe I’m just like my mother; she’s never satisfied…”


If you look upstream here a bit, you’ll find a two-piano arrangement (by Webern) of Vergangenes (from the Five Orchestral Pieces) and a video of Verklärte Nacht as well, both of which I put up, so, yeah, it’s a pretty safe bet. Schoenberg was, when well-played, so frequently brilliant.


Mitsuko Uchida is a great (IMHO best) bet for well-played Schoenberg.

We’ve watched S’s Pierrot Lunaire DVD more than a few times; always fresh and revealing. Chamber music with (then revolutionary) spoken words!