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Because, well, it’s Friday night…


well, because one thing leads to another

OMG why do we not walk down the street like this?!


I cannot like the Sugar Hill Gang, because I know the history of Rappers Delight.

Just as if you posted _Planet Roc_k, I wouldn’t be able to like that either; because I now know about Afrika Bambatta’s predatory antics.



Sometimes the body moves to things and we don’t know why. I wish we didn’t know why.










Sounds like you could be into Schoenberg also.


“Maybe I’m just like my mother; she’s never satisfied…”


If you look upstream here a bit, you’ll find a two-piano arrangement (by Webern) of Vergangenes (from the Five Orchestral Pieces) and a video of Verklärte Nacht as well, both of which I put up, so, yeah, it’s a pretty safe bet. Schoenberg was, when well-played, so frequently brilliant.


Mitsuko Uchida is a great (IMHO best) bet for well-played Schoenberg.

We’ve watched S’s Pierrot Lunaire DVD more than a few times; always fresh and revealing. Chamber music with (then revolutionary) spoken words!


Uchida is indeed good, but for the Piano Concerto, my go-to pianist was Brendel: the (now very old) version with Rafael Kubelik conducting the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. He caught the Viennese in Schoenberg’s music very well.


I’ll definitely look for that.

I learned about Schoenberg via Gould, but his treatment is a touch analytical. (I go to Gould for Bach, though.)


Gould’s best composer, in my experience, was Hindemith. He played Schoenberg too dryly - you have to spring the rhythms a bit to make AS flow properly. His Hindemith was by comparison very lively.


Example of Gould’s Hindemith:

Unfortunately, his TV performances are pretty much all you find of Gould on YouTube. His recordings were done for Columbia/CBS, and that catalogue is now owned by Sony. (Chances are good that, if I can’t watch a video on an official channel because it’s blocked in my country, Canadians being such notorious pirates, it will be a Sony video.) His recordings of the Hindemith sonatas were superb.