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Uchida is indeed good, but for the Piano Concerto, my go-to pianist was Brendel: the (now very old) version with Rafael Kubelik conducting the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. He caught the Viennese in Schoenberg’s music very well.


I’ll definitely look for that.

I learned about Schoenberg via Gould, but his treatment is a touch analytical. (I go to Gould for Bach, though.)


Gould’s best composer, in my experience, was Hindemith. He played Schoenberg too dryly - you have to spring the rhythms a bit to make AS flow properly. His Hindemith was by comparison very lively.


Example of Gould’s Hindemith:

Unfortunately, his TV performances are pretty much all you find of Gould on YouTube. His recordings were done for Columbia/CBS, and that catalogue is now owned by Sony. (Chances are good that, if I can’t watch a video on an official channel because it’s blocked in my country, Canadians being such notorious pirates, it will be a Sony video.) His recordings of the Hindemith sonatas were superb.


I’ll have to check out his Hindemith on YT!

Now, I have the Gould DVDs which include Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Scriabin, etc., the Goldberg Variations (from 1981; incredible technique), and all including his always interesting, yet odd and overly pedantic, opinions and observations. I love hearing musicians discuss music.

Last night I found on Amazon the Deutsche Grammophon pressing of Brendel with the BRO . Along with Schoenberg it includes Berg’s Violin Concerto. I had to refer to my Grammophon Good CD Guide to make sure that this pressing sourced the original VOX (1959 or thereabouts); it apparently does. At least one other label covers this, that being Universal Classics. I have no idea how the sound compares between the two; unless you know, I’ll google about for reviews to nail down a label.


I’m only familiar with the DG vinyl, which I picked up some 45 years ago. (I wore out the vinyl years ago, though - I now have a CD with Brendel playing with another orchestra.) The Berg concerto wasn’t included, just Schoenberg’s Violin Concerto with Zvi Zeitlin doing the honours as soloist. After checking on Amazon, I see they had Henryk Szeryng as soloist on the Berg concerto. That sounds familiar: I may have it kicking around on a different compilation.

Brendel’s performance with the BRSO is on YouTube, however:


I’ll check that one out at home!



Mon plaisir. I suspect you’ll enjoy this one.


Your suspicion was correct! Thanks! Now I’ll need to get the CD for a proper listening and comparison to the Uchida/Boulez OP42.




Probably my favorite and most shreddy Django song:


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Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Two different versions, not sure which is orig.)


Music from a simpler time:

Play this at work, without headphones.

I. Fucking. Dare. You.


Too easy; you said nothing about volume.