Da Musicz


Because, well it’s funny!


Oh so smiley and beautiful


Edit: well that was an embarrassing overshare. Enjoy the tunes.


I never thought this would be possible but think I like this version of Feel Like Makin’ Love better than Roberta Flack and ended up listening to the whole album, holy macaroons how have I not heard of her before. Whole album is incredible.


I totally forgot this song existed. I forgot how many INXS songs I recognize, I forgot how many successful songs they had (partly because I wasn’t necessarily a fan, but they were on all the damn time). When I was in college Michael Hutchence was the guy we could never compete with with the ladies.

Apologies if this is turning into my personal music thread.


Hey, you’re keeping it going, so I ain’t mad…



51 AM




I love that video, socialist realism come to life!


Take me to the river!

Talking Heads - Full Concert - 11/04/80 - Capitol Theatre







Apparently, this is what all the young folks are listening to right now:

Per my kid, Girlizmatic.


Political themes in this one, so skip it if you’re already over stressed.

Good song, though.


For the Dreamers

Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Paul Simon - Late In The Evening