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On a Hunters binge:







A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie







“Alice Smith is umami for the ears.”



Music and visuals for the jaded and adventurous.


Directed by the Quay Brothers!!!


Really interesting work.

“Olive oil on the eyes”


Menstruation, ova, birth, death, Easter, rabbits, The Thread of Life.
Yep, I think it’s all there.


This is a blast from the past. I haven’t thought about this band in probably 20 years.


Ditto on all that!

I have all their stuff except for a couple of titles that are only available on a 2 disc set from BMI (region 2, dammit). Youtube shows those two, but YT quality doesn’t do Quay stuff justice. Need the discs!





New Janelle Monae!

Make Me Feel has a very Prince vibe…

Dirty Computer: Janelle Monáe's gorgeous, sexy, queer afrofuturist short film

Fo sho. Surely he’s listed as at least a co-writer of that?


She goes into it more here, actually:

I think it’s written after his death, but he was a key mentor for her, and he appeared on Electric Lady… which is easily one of the best songs on the album (full of great songs):


Also, not Janelle Monae, but this is pretty awesome - new song by the Screaming Females: