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Oooo! And now a cover of Patty Smith’s Because the Night by Garbage and Screaming Females!



Run the Jewels on Austin City Limits!


Everything about that song and video screams Prince, and I am here for it…


So it turns out that it sounds like Prince because it is Prince! sort of.

She told the BBC that Prince was collaborating and advising her on this album when he passed away, and while it’s a little unclear how much he did on this song, he most definitely played keyboards on it, at least.


Yep; I know all about the collab, and it shows.

I liked it instantly; whereas Django Jane doesn’t do very much for me, aside from her stunning technicolor pantsuits…


Because it’s fun:


On a Chris Connelly kick today… started out listening to the Pigface album Fook, and now am listening to a Chris Connelly playlist on the Youtubes. Here is a great track, which I don’t think I have this album at home:

And here is his cover of a Scott Walker song, The Amorous Humprey Plugg:

I love that line “trembling the roller skate floor” - Walker is a great if odd songwriter, and Connelly’s voice delivers the lyrics beautifully… connelly is a real underground treasure…


Possibly, although (per Warren Defever of “His Name Is Alive”):

“I don’t write anything. The majority of the lyrics are just quotes from people strung together randomly. No, that’s not true. I don’t really think about what I’m writing, so I‘m not sure that it comes from experiences on a literal level. So, I don’t run out because I’m pulling stuff out that I didn’t know was there anyway. But there’s plenty of quotes!”

The Quay brothers were allowed to pick from record producer 4AD’s catalog of songs and the Quays chose two by HNIA, ‘Can’t Go Wrong Without You’ being one. Based on Defever’s self-described writing process (randomness) I’m fairly certain that the Quays pasted their own interpretation over the song. My then girlfriend’s interpretation (given the video’s demonic figure and its frantic manipulation of [apparently] a wire hanger, and that coupled with the appearance of the ‘egg protecting’ rabbit) amounted to something along the lines of an anti-abortion message in song. Who knows. That’s a question for the Quays!


I find this mesmerizing, and what a talented bunch:


Because girls rock! and metal and Islam, IKR.




In the girlz rock theme.

I started with “Cuban guitarist discovers Stevie Ray Vaughan” – just a little, just a taste – well OK then, better hear Pride and Joy too – and eventually ended up here. YouTube gets me again.

And a cover of Ozzy:


The intro sax in the first song brought me right back to Morphine.

Damn. I really miss that band.


That’s some good jam.


Indeed. Morphine for the soul. Buena.


Love Morphine; one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen.
Even though it’s an atypical song, I still love this one…


Same. The Counting Crows opened for them for the show I caught. It was an incredible night of music.


Score! I just bought three Rasputina CDs for $5 from a yard sale.

Thanks for the Ether, How we Quit the Forest, and Transylvania Regurgitations.


That’s swell!