Da Musicz


Indeed. Morphine for the soul. Buena.


Love Morphine; one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen.
Even though it’s an atypical song, I still love this one…


Same. The Counting Crows opened for them for the show I caught. It was an incredible night of music.


Score! I just bought three Rasputina CDs for $5 from a yard sale.

Thanks for the Ether, How we Quit the Forest, and Transylvania Regurgitations.


That’s swell!


They’re so good. They did a suite of Led Zeppelin songs at a show once that rocked so hard, it was outstanding.



I was introduced to their music right here on BBS, I’m pretty sure by @Mindysan33!.


I probably have posted something by them in the past.


"They don't get they life like they used to..."


“If you’ve ever seen the haka, otherwise known as the traditional Māori war dance, it’s almost more surprising that metal bands haven’t been incorporating it into their approach for years, than it is that a New Zealand trio of teenagers is winning international attention by finally doing so.”


(Take that Coachella!)




Holy crap! That’s considerably more bad-ass than the other well known song by Māoris.


I love this, even though Moorcock’s voice is, well, odd, it’s still great:

Also, fuck Steeleye Span, it needs the right accent to give you the shivers; leave it to the locals:



I am not a stoner nor usually a fan of doom metal, but I’ve been digging the new album by Sleep.



This was on a tape I recorded off of college radio in the late 80s and I never had any idea who or what this song is. I’m sure this it’s old news to everyone else (big hit elsewhere but barely missed the top 40 in the US) but I just have to post because a)it’s a nice day out and it’s a feel good song and b) I can’t believe I just found this out after 30 friggin’ years. I never would have guessed in a million years that it was Donna Summer covering, of all people, Jon Anderson and Vangelis.


Effing nice!! Killer tapping technique! Out of 5000 entries, the NPR Tiny Desk Concert 2018 Winner:


And now for something completely different: The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black