Da Musicz


You never know who might stop by…

Wait, did he tip???


Because chill song and cool use of 3D and tension elements:


When I heard that Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit had killed himself, I thought well, I should listen to Frightened Rabbit. I was surprised how much I liked them immediately.


Because nostalgia…


Now there’s a guy who really transmogrified his career (Phil, I mean).


Good background while I’m busy-working on the computer.

What do you listen to when you’re doing that?


While it was released last year I just found it at the CD shop… New Bombay Royale…
garage+surf+bollywood via Australia… this just rules my music love zone sooo much.


When I went Grad Night at Disneyland they were one of the band that played. The other was Hot Chocolate.
They were great live. Tight and funky.


Still one of my go-to happy songs.


Because, well, Jack White rocks!


Not for everyone but crunchy, dissonant, somehow oddly funky:


Just so good:


Satisfies something in me when the sound opens up at 1:37


Oh me, Oh me, Oh my…


Country (kind of) that doesn’t sound fake to me.


Speaking of country music… this sounds like an interesting book:


To my ears, a lot of the new music currently being touted as ‘country’ is this strange amalgam where the familiar textures of the genre are grafted onto chord and song structures associated with boy bands and FM club music.

And yet, the lyrics still encircle what Jesse Barron (in your linked article) describes as “the brutality of love, the rhythm of work and leisure, the steady roll of the seasons, the passage from birth to marriage to death.” And it is kind of sweet to hear songs where the lyrical gist can be summarized as ‘Golly gee, I love my wife and kids’—or would be, if it weren’t for the shadow of suspicion that many of the fans of such songs, if not the songwriters themselves, probably see this as God’s One True Union for Mankind. 1

The currently accepted state of the genre is hard listening if your taste in country is that of Cash, Nelson, Case, or Lynn. Still, if one considers country as just another type of musical folklore, this most recent evolution2 makes an amusing amount of sense.

1 And those people are just gonna have to fucking deal.
2 Not to be confused with ‘progression’.



Smashing Pumpkins are back. (well, kinda)


Listened to it last night, and honestly, I was kind of underwhelmed (I was only ever a casual SP fan, though).

What did you think?