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This might be the best review of an album I’ve ever read.


England seems to have changed it’s national anthem just in time for Trump’s visit

I expect there will be a good natured protest next week, along the lines of “Fuck off, we’re having a good time here”


That voice. JFC on a stick. Such easy confidence.


Some rejects from the Hall and Oates soft rock tangent:

They look like they are having so much fun- they manage to be simultaneously hammy and sincerely look in love more than most real couples, despite the fake atmosphere of a lip-syncing video.

This is a two-fer in that the hair tossing is hi-larious, but at the same time I think this was a fantastic song, true to life. So many relationships one person thinks if they just loved a little more, went a little further, it would work out…

And this is just cute fun:

It’s a shame it’s lip-synced because of course she could have done a great job live.


The hair… OMG the hair. And I haven’t heard that probably since the 70’s.


Apparently, Juliana Hatfield released an album of ONJ covers…

Not bad!


Stumblin In’ is in regular rotation on my playlist…



Juliana Hatfield! Cool- her stuff hasn’t crossed my path in years but this was always one of my favorites:


Lowkey obsessed with this song. Took me a while to remember the artist’s name lol its been a while since i’ve listened to this


This is my favorite song of his.


The incomparable Maria Callas singing the 1st act aria from “La Wally”, Ebben? Ne Andro Lontana. I fell in love with this when I heard Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez perform it on the soundtrack to the movie “Diva”.


Collaboration between alto saxophonist Steve Lehman, rapper HPrizm and Senegalese emcee Gaston Bandimic. If you like this track, it’s worth your time to seek out the album (pitchfork review here). Crossover efforts like this aren’t rare, but this one really catches fire.


Is this a 21st century refinement of yacht rock?


I think anything featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins automatically qualifies. Also yes that is modern day yacht rock.


Yacht Rock vaccination STAT!


Play it LOUD!


Same here!