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The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet.


As much as I was repelled by Kanye’s MAGA bullshit (much of which he’s walked back since), I was intrigued by how he’d pull off five albums in one month. Apparently the answer is to slap them together quickly and haphazardly and sloppily, for the most part. But this Pusha-T track really stood out, maybe because it sounds like something new and interesting and not another Migos triplet-bar clone:


Over on the pop culture thread I posted a bunch of tunes from the seventies. Just to dispel the possible notion that I don’t listen to anything contemporary here’s a few more recent tunes from a Canadian band that you may or may not have heard before.



Damn! Great tune, not the sort of thing I’m used to hearing from them.





An excellent attitude. Stand up guys both of them.


I’m enjoying the sequence of these two songs.


Also this pairing:


Last two, I promise. For today.


Lots of their post- songs of faith and devotion sounds like this. I think it’s especially true on the albums that they put out after Wilder left the band, from Ultra on.

Also, Alan Wilder’s Recoil project is pretty great, too.


Ah, a change in personnel explains a lot. Reminds me of the change in sound of The Doobie Brothers after MacDonald joined the band. He pretty much took over and they lost their hard guitar edge.

I preferred the older sound. :slight_smile:


To be fair, I Feel You was on Songs of Faith and Devotion, which was before Wilder left.


Huh. Was the changing sound the reason, or part of the reason, he left?


Good question. I think he probably was just interested in focusing on his own work? I can’t say for sure. DM had been around for a while by 95, had a huge following and were touring pretty relentlessly. I can imagine that was pretty exhausting after a while. I don’t think he’s toured for his Recoil project (I could be wrong).

I think after Vince Clarke left after the first album, Wilder and Gore shared song writing duties pretty evenly, so maybe there was indeed a difference in opinion. But then again, ReCoil is certainly darker than early DM, too.


Now I’m intrigued. I’ll have to look up Recoil later; I’ve got some things to attend to now.


When you get to it, I highly recommend tracks off this one:

Easily my favorite.




Girls ROCK!