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New Neneh Cherry? Yes please!

Also… she has magically not aged a day!


When the tour van’s a rock’n…

If van walls could talk!




This sat at the top of my play queue for a long time.

Edited to add this because it’s awesome.

And mostly acoustic. They’re just ridiculously talented.


Get well soon. Signed, The Planet


Holy crap, Robert Glasper has not nice things to say about what it’s like working with Lauryn Hill!


Um yeah, that’s not how it works… Good on Glasper for standing up for himself.


Looks like Questlove is calling her out also.

Really glad I’m a painter than a performance artist.


ETA: I liked this reader’s comment from that Jezebel article:

In his latest special, Patton Oswalt mentions something called “stage health.” It’s basically the phenomenon by which a performer is able to summon enough energy to power through a show, no matter how shitty they’re feeling. I’ve had to step in front of cameras when I was a disgusting, effluvial mess and somehow actually managed —without any medicinal aids— not to sneeze or drip or ache at all for two hours, only to revert back immediately afterward. It was one of my better, sharper performances, probably because I had to batten down and focus in order to achieve it at all.

It’s really just about adulthood and professionalism, and I can’t understand why Hill thinks she’s exempt from that because “feelings.”



The style isn’t to my usual liking, but it’s great to hear these lyrics and sincerity in this style.


The Devil Makes Three has been on the playlist this week.

Summer time, picnics and mojitos music.



Happy September, everyone!


Same to you!

It’s a good month for doing more weird things.


Kami Lyle - September


Too soon in September?


I see the September Bah-di Ah-Dee-Ah, and raise you with ‘Brazilian Rhyme;’


I’ll see myself out.