Da Musicz


Having a Brit-retro binge…


Also one of my favorites because it has such a great video…



Inadvertently bummed myself out when I looked up this one, and then a split-second later consciously realized that both these great talents are gone now. :frowning_face:


Much as I like many other genres, there’s nothing quite like a nice thumpy metal song with guitar players shredding.

I’ve been loving this band, which has pretty damn good dueling 8 string guitar players:

So much guitar nerdery as you get into their newer stuff. Extended range guitars past 7 strings are notoriously “flappy” and don’t tend to be well intonated on the low end, which they actually use to their advantage. It’s really cool how they work it in.


Because Mj Rodriguez can sing her ass off; she sounds something reminiscent of a teenage Michael Jackson.

Billy Porter ain’t slouch either:






Didn’t even have to hit play for this one to get stuck in my head. Dammit.


Muppet rappers and dirty lyrics woke up this AM searching for news about the hurricane.


Going to be an weird day…


Well damn that gave my day an early surreal start. Thanks. I think.






also this, one of the best songs:



ok, one more:




Ah, oui oui.


I believe the correct answer is no.

(I know, a little too obvious…)