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I see your George Benson and raise you an Al Jearreau



(Since it’s in German:)

SEPTEMBER (Hermann Hesse)

The garden mourns.
The flowers fill with cold rain.
Summer shivers
in the chill of its dying domain.

Yet summer smiles, enraptured
by the garden’s dreamy aphasia
as gold, drop by drop, falls
from the tall acacia.

With a final glance at the roses–
too weak to care, it longs for peace–
then, with darkness wherever it gazes,
summer slips into sleep.


Re: Allegaeon “1.618”

lol, disappointed the wheel never stopped on “technical progressive slamgrind”



Kickass Montreal band The Damn Truth, from their 2013 debut album “Dear in the Headlights”.


@Melz2 Like father like son:


If you squint u can hear shades of Portishead. Nice.


Thanks for that, I had not heard them before. You should have included a tune. :slight_smile:

Here’s one:



Here’s another…


Thanks, nice tune.

I had to hunt it up on youtube for myself because the video in your link was unavailable. Probably because I’m in the Montreal area. That’s been happening a lot lately.


A classic Portishead song to hit you in the feels:


SInce I referenced it in another thread… dialect is a 1920s attempt at Scottish Makar (16th century Mid lowland Scots).


And in case you haven’t come across this in your PH deep dive, here’s an amazing video:



Because, well, Friday.


I’ve had this album for a long time but, have never seen these vids. Cool. Nick Cave is awesome.


Hope covers are okay!


Awesome! Here’s possibly Nick Cave’s loudest and rudest song.


I’ll be listening the The Veils this weekend. Correction: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion