Dadbag, a fanny pack that will give you an instant 'dad bod'


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Already got one, thanks.


Well, that’s very Videodrome. (Trigger warning: contains James Woods. And is hella gross.)


Also, Robert Fripp’s favorite guitar tuning.


Long live the new flesh!


You beat me to it. Is there one to hide/reduce dad belly?


More like Bearbag.



Oh good, it comes in multiple colors, not just “flesh.” (Thanks, Crayola.)


I can’t wait to see what TSA thinks of the idea.


Its missing some tan colors. But then again i already got my dad bod going so i don’t need the fanny pack.


Thanks, I needed some fresh material for me “CANNOT UNSEE” mental file.


I’m afraid it’s called a six pack. You either do enough sit-ups to get one, or you go buy one and drink the sad away.


Seems like everyone wants a perfect bod but no one is willing to put in the hours at the bar anymore.


“The Allen”. Thanks so much.


I have been working on the former. Just very impatient about it.


Well, this product gives dunlap a whole new meaning.


Why make do with a sixpack when you can afford a keg?


The navel should be able to hold a few coins.


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