Danish PSA for wearing bicycle helmets is the best Viking movie in 63 years

“a reference from Ibn Fadlan” is a bit of an understatement, considering Ibn Fadlan is the main character!

I actually don’t mind The 13th Warrior. It’s so far away from any realism that I can enjoy it again.


It’s Time for Timer!


Except he did whack his head on the gate at the end. That was perfect.


THIS! “Uh, Houston, I can’t see through the faceplate.”


Obligatory “even the Danes cannot understand Danish” video:


wear a helmet !!! remember , the co-pay you save may be your own !!


I hadn’t known this until I watched The Rain and couldn’t even make out individual words. Similar to the violence that French has done to Vulgar Latin, Danish has done to Old Norse, lol

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Put gently and succinctly, bullshit.

Cost-effectiveness of mandatory bicycle helmet use to prevent traumatic brain injuries and death | BMC Public Health | Full Text (biomedcentral.com)

Look, a Danish study!

Evaluating the impact of cycle helmet use on severe traumatic brain injury and death in a national cohort of over 11000 pedal cyclists: a retrospective study from the NHS England Trauma Audit and Research Network dataset (nih.gov)

Statistics Don’t Lie: Bicycle Helmets Save Lives and Reduce Injuries | Rinehardt Injury Attorneys (rinehardtlawfirm.com)

As a PICU doc for years, I can testify to the effectiveness of bike helmets in protecting the brains of cyclists even if there are other injuries. Are they perfect? Of course not. But pavement vs. naked noggin is an unfair fight.


I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for “Pathfinder”. The film is absolute rubbish; however, the “Vikings” are absolutely spot on as “Chaos Marauders”.

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As it’s a ridiculous question on it’s face, no, not really. Plenty of people have posted links that explain why helmets on bikes, WHERE YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO HIT YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU GET INTO AN ACCIDENT AND CAUSE YOURSELF MAJOR INJURIES TO YOUR NOGGIN, are a good idea. Asking if you should wear a helmet in a car, which has a variety of safety features to keep you safe in case of an accident, is just silly.


But, but…a bicycle has wheels and transports people. That makes its safety parameters exactly the same as that of an automobile. /s


To be fair… in some cases…



Mod note: We don’t care if you feel safe enough not to wear a helmet while cycling any more than we care if you feel safe enough not to wear a seatbelt while driving or a t-shirt and shorts while on a motorcycle. We have zero interest in supporting discussions of that type here on the BBS, or in hosting that sort of message in this forum.

If you want to discuss how safety measures are unnecessary/overblown/unneeded in personal transport, do it in another forum.


I dunno. The guitarists are wearing period-incorrect Crusader helms, and boob tape wasn’t invented until 1328.



You dare challenge the claims of the Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu???


To be fair a helmet would improve your outcomes in a car too, but, not as much as it would have as road safety has had some very strong biases and car occupant safety is possibly strongest of these.

It’s amazing what they’ve done for car occupant safety in the last few decades. Some poor old guy crashed just outside our house this time last year with a thump that shook the neighbourhood and I ran out with my kit and he was only a bit shook.

The way car homicides rocketed during strict lockdown here last year exposed the ideological underpinning of our discourse quite starkly for me.


When I was in collage, I had the misfortune to have a run-in with a car while biking (during a biking class, in a line of bikers, at the university), when an impatient (and uninsured and suspended license) driver decided he needed to make an illegal left turn into the line of bikers who were going the other way. In my case it was not bicycle helmet against pavement, but was bicycle helmet against wind-shield, because I had just enough time to kick myself up over the hood of the car before getting run down. Luckily the windshield (and front fender) sustained more damage than I did. (unfortunately my bike was totaled). Helmets work. I actually fared better then the person behind me, who had to lay his bike down, and suffered some pretty bad road-rash.


Try this: [moð sgiːbənə]

A viking won’t understand but a Dane might. Others have mentioned potatoes - they aren’t really necessary for rallying cries, save it for the mjød afterparty.


Here’s a good Australian road PSA.

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