Dark Side of Light’s “bummer summer” breeze

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/11/21/dark-side-of-lights-bummer-summer-breeze.html

But, a stupid cover of a stupid old song is still just a stupid song.

OK BB is this here to specifically wind me up?

I watched the clip and thought it was produced by a music company ‘art director’ and the ‘direction’ was very simple: We want nostalgia for a time when boys are in the band and we have a lot of pretty young women dancing and expressing themselves.

Then thought I’d read the actual article that would explain the ironic use of outdated misogynistic imagery in a Post Modern pastiche. Nope, reading the post was a waste of time, unthinking nostalgia is what we all need right now in a pandemic… blowing through our minds!

From my POV this takes a song from a historical period and location, a naive and simpler time, when gender identity was a given. The clip can only be forgiven if you’re not thinking… possibly the point.

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