Data viz of the countries with the most cannabis use


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what’s with southern Chile, did anti-weed nationalists secede?


Those figures seem a little high to me…


The numbers have to be low, how many people would admit to breaking the law?


Hi yourself…I see what you did there. After November 8th I expect the figures may skyrocket.


How is Jamaica not listed?


Lots of surprising things here. I would have thought that Canada would be higher than the US. Also, that Costa Rica (where I currently live) would be higher than the 2.7% it shows. It seems that everyone smokes down here. Maybe I just tend to hang out with potheads.


That little here in Germany?
Okay, I need to play RPGs with my lads more often…


I have to raise the methodology question.


I’m guessing the US percentage will skyrocket over the next few years…


…and that medium shade in Greenland…

Means 287 of 1192 inhabitants toke?


Not everyone in Jamaica is Rastafari, and cannabis is still illegal there (possession of small amounts was decriminalised last year).


I see that Portugal is white.


Why is half of Norway green and the other not? That makes no sense.

Edit: because it’s a poorly designed map that puts a white border around every feature, even when zoomed way out. So a coastline full of fjords and islands ends up as a single white blob when zoomed out to a world map.


America, Fuck Yeah!


Crap graph with crap data.



I don’t see a data source
I don’t know how the data was gathered
I don’t see how prevalence is even defined (% of population that has used at least once in their lives? in the last year? today?)


I have never once in my life been polled on anything.


Have you ever been polled on anything?

  • Yes
  • I have now

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It’s legal in much of the US now. I had hopes that it world be totally legal everywhere here by 2020, but it’s looking kinda doubtful now. Still, I’m not sure if these data are for the last month, last year, ever, etc.