Daughter of GOP candidate begs "Please for the love of God do not vote for my dad"

One of the links in the article goes to The Hill, where they have this quote from the dad:

“I’m not saying there’s not hurdles to overcome. We all have hurdles to overcome. You know, as a quote-unquote rich, white, Christian male, people look at me a certain way. And it’s not always good. So, everybody has obstacles to overcome,” he also said, while adding he thinks President Trump has “done more for the black community than any president we’ve had in the last 20 years.”

Brava to this young woman, and to the University of Colorado, Boulder for helping her along her journey.


Independent and critical thinking is the worst enemy to ignorance and racism. It’s not about college; I have friends that didn’t go that route and picked up the thinking skills without profs.

My 'rents instilled into me a set of core values which could not be replaced by any education. I’m trying to pass that along to my two girls.

It basically boils down to “don’t be an ass and if you see one then call them out on it”.


For what it’s worth, I sent a short email (with a link to the Guardian article) to The Lincoln Project for possible use in a future ad.


To me, even that is questionable; for some advocating pro-life, it’s not in their political interest to stipulate that only white babies not be aborted.

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What a fruitcake. I’m glad his daughter is too smart to let this nonsense filter down another generation.


If anyone were curious, the Marxist, socialist university Stephanie Regan attended was University of Colorado in Boulder. (The closest Marxist state is Cuba, 2064 miles away.)


Funny what an education does when critical thought is the end result.


Guy sounds like a fucking tool to me. Bravo for the daughter, and abortions all around!


Let’s all recall that anti-educationalism is a ringing hallmark of fascism. These fuck-knobs are totally projecting when they whine about indoctrination, because whenever they get any control of education, that’s EXACTLY what they do. Abstinence-only sex “education” is an example.


Who’d have guessed that Karl Marx would still be such an effective bogeyman 137 years after his death?


He is Sinistar.

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Yeah, who would have thought being able to think for yourself would have such intellectual consequences?

Oh right, everyone who went to college- or was smart enough to learn how to critically reason on their own

Which neither group seems to describe this utter tool of a meatsack


Is someone keeping a running list of GOP politicians whose children have turned on them? I feel like I’ve heard this before.


Idiot newscasters today didn’t say why she tweeted this, only that she had done. WTF? At least they mentioned he’s a rethug, which is a big clue.

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Meant to say this was local Detroit news, which makes it even worse, this story’s being local!

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Waiting to pick up his secretary, most likely.


And if you pay for your daughter to go to college that’s Marxism. I think?

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Plenty of these fascist are college educated, including most of the right wing members of congress and the white house. Plenty of working class people with no college education are able to think critically. the problem is our racist, misogynistic, classist system.


I’ve heard it was all four kids are not voting for their dad.