David Bowie grills MTV about their failure to play videos by Black artists in this 1983 interview

I’d like to hear Mark Goodman’s thoughts on this interview now. Yes, MTV was providing him with a paycheck but his defense of all-white programming was over the top.


Thin White Duke era…

I think this interview is really part of his apology tour that he sort of did after that stuff in 80s and 90s.


It really wasn’t in the very early days. Prior to this, they just did not play Black artists. Eddy Grant and Musical Youth were some of the first two after this interview, and then of course MJ and Prince got more attention. But they really ignored hip hop until the mid-80s, although by the late 80s, Yo! MTV Raps was one of it’s more popular shows.

That first couple of years was not great, and this when they were really hungry for videos to play.


I’m sorry, I can’t stand David Bowie glorification.
man was a known pedophile with no remorse for his actions and any mention of it is waved off

its one thing to like his music, but please don’t canonize him

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These accusations of Bowie’s earlier statement makes me think a bit of Hergé (of Tintin fame) who made the same journey.

To be honest, me as a white cis hetero catholic raised dude can relate. It is a difficult journey and I guess different for all but the main gist goes like this: Young person knows shit all about the real world outside their bubble and think and say all kind of crap. They actually get lucky and see real life and meet real people before they totally go all of the rails, think "woah, I got that wrong’ and spent ages figuring things out.

People change, and if they change for the better give them credit.

((Note: This was about the racism thing. What he did with some young girls is still solidly in the YIKES territory and not to be excused))


yeah well I’m going to sleep now I wake up in a million years time when all news will come true and make me die her hair

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I muggedd the mugger that foolishly tried to mug me in the original london brixton electric avenue! LOL


I’m sorry, you must have him confused with [countless 70s UK celebrities].


…and now you know, the rest of the story. (as said in my best Paul Harvey voice)

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I’m sorry, don’t you mean countless World celebrities from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today?
That doesn’t mean its ok. And those people are garbage as well.

Also, this isn’t a case of him having relations with a 17yr old in a state where the age of consent was 16.
He was having sex with 13 and 14 year olds.

Qanon conspiracies about secret child trafficking rings are [wrong]. But this flippant attitude towards known pedophiles is equally [wrong].

Citations for your accusations, please.


I think the guitar riff was written by Carlos Alomar and JB, cos he was like that, felt it was already his because of that.

Bowie poached Alomar from the JBs.

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Part of the stopping being a raging addict and, obviously, awful to everyone.

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Yo! MTV Raps was a daily ritual. Every afternoon after school. YO!


Indeed! But it was pretty late in the 80s. I want to say it started in 86 or 87? Far less hip hop on MTV prior to that, mainly Run DMC and the Fat Boys.


Alomar quit the JBs in 69, and didn’t meet Bowie til 74. That’s not really being poached.


Looks like '88 according to Wikipedia. It’s def the show that caused me go out and buy my first rap cassette tape! Yeah, that show opened the flood gates for kids like me at the time.


Yeah, I think that Yo! MTV Raps probably did introduce not too few kids to hip hop who weren’t in areas that were the epicenters of the genre.


I stand corrected! I’m fuzzy as to the details but I thought there was some suggestion that the riff was knocking about when he still played for James Brown and that he was annoyed.

That riff… travelled shall we say.


A good rundown on “Fame”:

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