Deadly Disneyland Legionnaire's outbreak blamed on this weird source

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This is a joke … right?

I thought the clickbait title seemed really out of form for Boing Boing. But then I took the bait, clicked through, and saw that the source was a cooling tower. Which is like #1 in the book of “obvious things likely to harbor Legionella colonies.”

But the more I think on it I don’t get a “we’re all in on it” joke tone from the post, so now I’m just confused.


Can this stuff grow in the countertop style brita pitchers?

First problem: you get sick from inhaling mist carrying the bacteria, and while you might aspirate some while drinking, that’s not a very effective way to get the bacteria in your lungs.

And the second, probably bigger problem: unless you’re somewhere quite warm, these puppies are basically dormant at room temperature. They’re just not going to reproduce to dangerous numbers.


This is not a “weird” source at all.
In fact, it should be in the top five of your “things to check for Legionella colonies” list.

(Sneaky edit to remove mispeling.)


Buzzfeed is apparently leaking into BB… someone get the glue gun.


Weird use of “weird”.

I think “mundane source” would be more appropriate.

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Deadly Disneyland Legionnaire’s outbreak blamed on this weird source

Discovered by a mom! Epidemiologists hate it!


I’m glad it wasn’t just me that thought “that’s one of the first places I’d expect to find it”.
It’s like finding a wasps nest in a loft.

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You WON’T BELIEVE where I found a wasp nest! Experts were amazed!!

I offer this alternative mister which does not (directly) spread legionnaire’s.

Let the healing begin.


I think the mister at Dizzneeland is worse…

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