Debate for the LA senate race


Welp, at least he’s only polling at like 5%? But all I can say is wow… I can’t believe this is an actual thing that happened in the election this year. This whole year has just been surreal, actually.


Obviously, he drew fire from the other candidates; Democratic candidate Caroline Fayard, in a particularly evocative turn, called him a snake who “slithered out of the swamp.”


My only hope is that it the dying scrabbling gasp/lashing out of this kind of thing. But probably not if history tells me anything.


Words fail to describe the horrid state of political affairs across the country. We don’t have any known terrorists running for office here in Michigan, so I guess we got something going for us over Louisiana. :unamused:


I’d like to think so too, but Duke and his ilk have more popular support now than they have had in years. I don’t recall the Klan and Neo-Nazis showing up in force to support Romney or McCain.






That really sums it all up, doesn’t it?



Needs more Whiskey.




That might just be enough.



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