So this is a thing that happened


So… yeah.


The tiny silver lining was this comment:

“He flies under the radar because he looks like a racist ghost who died during plastic surgery.”


Yeah, I saw that. Lovely.

I was wondering how the Rep and the Dem were polling so low, but there’s three other candidates too (another Democrat and two more Republicans?)

Wait…their Primary is on Nov 8??



WTF America… How long will the last gasp at old white guys trying to hold on to their ‘power’ last… quit making me embarrassed.


When young white dudes stop following them and supporting them?



How I feel about being an American lately:


Could be worse.

At least you aren’t English.


I have relatives who are though, not that it counts any.

And oh, are they vexed right now…


On a related note, Julian Assange may have lost his internet access but he recently gained a new fan!

I guess you don’t have to make explicitly racist comments to win over Mr. Duke as long as you’re facing multiple accusations of sexual assault and are actively trying to destroy Hillary Clinton.


I’m so sick of assholes. Sick, sick, sick.


Is bigly the new alt-right code word?



Yeah, I know where it started. I just how it isn’t one of “their” words now


Honestly, I don’t know if it is or not. I wouldn’t put it past the alt-right to do so, as they embraced the “deplorables” stuff pretty hard core.

But we still don’t know if he was saying “bigly” or “big league”…


What the alt blowhard-right with extra bigotry on top and hold the “hip” new branding doesn’t seem to realize is that how far we’ve fallen is them…they’re the new low.


What is a prolapse of prolapses called? A Trump of assholes?


Can you think of a better term? Cause that’s pretty accurate!



Is it one of those words that was adopted as a slur but later reclaimed by the group in question?

“Hey, YOU can’t say that. ‘Bigly’ is OUR word.”


Duke is still around. The KKK is still around.

I hope neither of those sentences is true, very soon.