So this is a thing that happened


Last time a 3rd party got an electoral college vote? '68. George Wallace on a segregation platform. He got a whole bunch of southern states.


If you count faithless electors…

Bentsen and Reagan also got votes when they weren’t the candidate…

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I’ve heard a few news pundits suggesting that “bigly” was actually intended as “big league”, and just wasn’t enunciated very precisely.

Which is great, except that “big league” doesn’t work in the sentence, either.

I wonder how much pundits get paid. Seems like a cushy gig.


I do … I have to research where my research went wrong.

Edit: I’m not sure I do. And ‘faithless elector’ doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.

I consider Hospers the last third party candidate to win an electoral vote.

I thought Johnson would get an electoral vote this year in a similar manner, but I’m becoming less and less confident in that as the more reasonable red states are flipping to blue.

On the other hand, McMullin can get electoral votes the old-fashioned way, and may win the popular vote in Utah. I have no idea what Utah is going to do, but this astroturfed random third party candidate is an interesting wrinkle in this otherwise sucktastic election.


You have to be willing to talk about this shit endlessly for years. I couldn’t do it!


You don’t have to be right, just very loud. I don’t know if that helps or not.


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