Oklahoma candidate calls for death of Anthony Fauci, to loud applause

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Fucking death cult. May they reap what they sow.


Surely the Secret Service is all over this.


“We’re fighting communist Democrats, establishment RINOs! We’re fighting against a system that stole the election in 2020 and nobody had been held accountable. … And by the way, we should try Anthony Fauci and put him in front of a firing squad,”

Not “if convicted”, just try him and execute him. A show trial in front of a kangaroo court to execute someone for the crime of saying something you didn’t like.

THIS is the modern GOP.


Hopefully voting them out will be sufficient, but they’ve made big strides in taking control of the voting infrastructure and processes, as well as making legal maneuvers that may allow gerrymandered state legislatures to overrule election results. So it’s far from assured that votes alone will be enough to throw them out. (Still, an overwhelming turnout at the polls is the best way to start.)


We have to. MUST, show up in numbers they [GQP] can not deny/manipulate. The mid-terms will dictate the general election in 24’. No doubt about it.


I always like to remind people what it looks like when a female entertainer does something deemed threatening to a RWNJ:

Kathy Griffin lost work immediately. Federal officials threatened to charge her with conspiracy to assassinate the president.

GRIFFIN: I couldn’t fly for two months…
I was detained at every single airport. And that is something I want people to know. People have a myth - they think, oh, they can’t take your phone and SIM card. Oh, they can, and they did at LAX, at London Heathrow.

And that these candidates highlighted in the post are basically applying to work in the same buildings where the people they are threatening work.


I literally don’t think there’s any number that they won’t deny as being a legitimate win. Way back in 2016 Trump claimed that he would have won California if not for “massive fraud” even though Clinton’s margin was nearly 2:1 there. The whole party has only gotten more unhinged since then.

But if the results are strong enough in the Democrats’ favor at least some of the not-yet-totally-insane parts of the judiciary may not be onboard with the GQP stealing it. So we have to have hope.


Silent and terrified, the animals crept back into the barn. In a moment the dogs came bounding back. At first no one had been able to imagine where these creatures came from, but the problem was soon solved: they were the puppies whom Napoleon had taken away from their mothers and reared privately. Though not yet full-grown, they were huge dogs, and as fierce-looking as wolves. They kept close to Napoleon. It was noticed that they wagged their tails to him in the same way as the other dogs had been used to do to Mr. Jones.


Turns out that Kathy Griffin was 100% correct.


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Could just one of these chucklefucks enumerate what “crimes” Dr. Fauci has committed?


Oh, we passed dog whistles a long time ago. Also air horns. Well into fog horns, heading for a Deep Purple concert.


“Dog whistles?” These whackjobs have long since dispensed with dog whistles.


Oh, he followed it up with that caveat, but his audience got the message. (Which is why it was a dog whistle rather than just an overt death threat.) It’s stochastic terrorism for the GQP these days…

Yeah, that was my immediate though as well. Though I know what their response would be, that he was “taking away our freedoms, telling lies, being corrupt” etc. - and if you demanded actual specifics, they’d mumble something and that would be the end of the conversation.


Dinosaur Jr. man! Keep up Doc! /h


But why stop there?!
Death to Louis Pasteur!
Death to Jonas Salk!

And not just that. If GQP wins any part of Congress, it will be Benghazis as far as the eye can see.
If House, unending televised Impeachment deliberations.

Bush-43 let 9/11 happen, invaded the wrong country on false pretexts, let Bin Laden slip through his fingers: GQP silent. Biden has a wayward son who suffers from depression: GQP will rip the roof off.


That well has long since been poisoned by You Know Who.
As far as the FDC is concerned, the only legitimate elections are the ones they win.
ALL others are suspect.

Count on them denying the results if they lose, anyway…

The X factor in these speculations is:
WTF are people gonna do about undeniably crooked election results?
Has there ever been anything approching the level of a General Strike in this country?
Maybe… maybe, the situation is favorable to such a thing, since people don’t seem especially enslaved to their jobs as per usual.

Not sure sanity is involved as much as Fear…
“Nice family you got there. Be a shame if something happened to 'em…”

There’s always hope.

There’s tons of 'em here, if you dare.
Chucklefucks, from top to bottom, front to back, & side to side…

Ah, their concert in the Astrodome was the first step of many in the maiming of my hearing.


Guy tries his best to save lives and these ingrates want to murder him for it. The Republican party isn’t just racist or sexist or anti-science, they’re outright anti-human. Anything good or kind or helpful or rational they want to destroy. Anything that might have a positive effect on the long-term future of the human species must go. It’s not even hyperbole anymore to call them straight-up evil incarnate.