Deepfake of Jennifer Lawrence with Steve Buscemi's face

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Thank you @beschizza for my daily dose of nightmare fuel. That said they did some really good work there.



Do you want Centaur Tom Hanks ?

Because this is how we get Centaur Tom Hanks.

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Jennifer…who? Jk
I love Steve Buscemi.
I’ll watch anything he’s in.
(this is beside the point. I realize)
BTW, his wife of 30+ yrs.
died recently.


Sheesh, that’s scary.

Coming soon: Those who control the most convincing fake version of reality will control all of our realities.

(Not that that’s not already what basically happens.)


Woah…Is it just me or is Kristen Wiig the love child of Jennifer Lawrence and Steve Buscemi?!?


This is why Hollywood makeup artists get paid the big bucks.


Or Photoshop!


Have we reached peak… …reality?


I thought so too, but then I realized most people are not demanding enough to require their fake reality be very convincing. So I agree, basically already there.


Never understood her appeal, but this veering into Smeagol territory could yield a performance worth watching.

I would love for someone to do this with potential mates to show them the horror of parenthood beforehand.


I can’t wait for the plug-ins for video calls. Who want to look at my ugly mug?


Would love to see this with the voice changed to sound more like Buscemi, but this is still comedy gold.

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The Buscemeyes meme with deepfakes?



The source of this video appears to have been posted January 14th. The one you posted is from January 29th by a different (copycat ?) account.

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I may have some partial prospagnosia here (non-vampire related). This face registers as childlike, cute and sweet to me and, I guess due to the quality of the mouth sync, matches the voice. I do recognize voices and body language pretty well, so I can still tell it’s Jennifer Lawrence. I suppose that’s normal. Doesn’t give me any emotional reaction for the face to be different.

Speaking of reality, we had an incident occur this past Saturday that has me questioning reality, or at least the laws of probability. This is going to be a wordy story.

We live in Colorado Springs, and my wife got her first tattoo on Saturday for her birthday. The parlor we went to was way down on South Tejon, close to Motor City.

About 30 minutes into her tattoo, a guy comes in to get the Roman numeral “II” tattooed in black on his wrist, as one does. His appointment was for noon, and it was already after 1pm. So he’s late. He apologized.

He then said someone was going to be showing up shortly for her matching tattoo as well; I don’t know if she was his wife, his sister, or just a friend.

The artist starts on the guy’s tattoo, and was just finishing up when the woman and her friend arrive for the woman’s tattoo. The woman says to the artist that she would like the Roman numeral “II” to be on the grip of a sword. He explains that will be very small. I can feel his frustration from across the room; this was info that would have been great to have in advance. But he’s a nice guy and doesn’t laugh in her face. He draws up a sword, she says “great, let’s do it”, he starts tattooing it on the back of her left leg.

He finishes, they pay and go. We were still about 30-minutes out from when my wife’s tattoo would be finished. Our remaining time went by with all of us discussing those three people. They made an impression, is what I’m saying.

Afterward, on the drive home, my wife and I decide to get lunch at Jason’s Deli, at the other end of town on North Academy near the Chapel Hills Mall. I had eaten there the previous Monday, and it had been a long time since she had, so it sounded good.

As we are walking toward the restaurant, those three people are coming out. I literally had to look twice because I couldn’t believe it. And I’m not a guy that double-takes lightly.

Colorado Springs is not a small town. There are many restaurants to choose from; a large number that we normally would go to are located between the tattoo parlor and where we ended up.

They never talked about what their plans were for after the tattoos; they talked about a lot of things, but not that. Of this I’m certain.

So, reality… wtf?


There is
An App for That
My daughter n son-in-law
showed me what a child of theirs
should look like .