Deez goes to People's Court


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I feel like I’m missing a cultural reference here. What’s the joke?


I’m not watching this video, so I’m instead going to make up a narrative about John Dee being on a TV courtroom show because his alchemical experiments were annoying the neighbors too much.


Dee’s nuts. As in Dee, the person, is crazy.

Deez nuts. As in, which nuts? DEEZ NUTS!

You know when someone baits someone else into saying “what?” so that they can respond “chicken butt!” This is the same thing, only the punch line is “Deez Nuts!”


dem nutz tho…

Love the photos of Wapner and Rusty in the background. Is that the Judge/Baliff Hallway of Fame?

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love how the guy dressed as a guard hears the setup and comes around the corner smiling…


A rare, most perfect moment.


Question: “Do you like CDs or tapes?”

Answer 1: “CDs”

Punchline 1: “Well, see deez nuts.”

Answer 2: “Tapes”

Punchline 2: “Well, tape deez nuts to your chin.”


This is some stupid fucking nonsense. All the TV court shows are complete garbage (IMHO of course), I have always had an extreme antipathy for Wapner, Judge Judy, or whoever those assholes are. The real courts in this country are bad enough. Seriously. Fuck this shit.


That moment when you’re the bailiff on The People’s Court and you get the joke.

This must be a pretty old one. I think Harvey was only on The People’s Court back in the 90’s.

Edit - I stand corrected - he joined the show in 1997, it’s unclear how long he was actually on it for.

Never has a comment more warranted the use of Neil_deGrasse_Tyson_reaction.jpg

But that would be uncivil.

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