Defense lawyers: the FBI made us use a copy-shop that made secret copies for the government

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Apparently, Florida Man is movin’ on up! Of course, Florida Man checked to make sure that running a printing company wouldn’t interfere with his normal alligators/bath salts/firearms routine.

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There are times when I think we should just throw out the country and start over.


They tumbled into our hands, as if by magic! Honest!


I knew it! Florida Man was innocent!

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The FBI works the US the way the CIA works the rest of the world.

They have handlers, they have assets, they use them. They burn them. They get compromised sometimes.

They are a domestic spy agency.

But with the judicial powers, it makes it simpler to get those assets. You catch someone, you tell them they can work off their conviction by giving you 5 equally delicious convicts. Or… you just pay someone in the know.

Or… you flash a badge and grab the docs.

The justice system is to justice what the TSA is to security.


Justice theater. Has a nice ring to it.


Wait… lawyers are going to Kinko’s because they can’t buy a copy machine of their own? And we all assume that, since government bad, this story must be true?

I believe this is called confirmation bias.

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It’s not that the defense doesn’t have a copy machine, it’s that the government requires the defense to use an approved copy shop.

The unwritten policy involves “surreptitiously copying defense counsel’s work product through the government-contracted copy service that the government requires defense counsel to use to obtain the discovery documents’’ needed to properly prepare for trial, according to court papers that seek either the dismissal of Schapiro’s indictment or the disqualification of the entire prosecution team.


Arteaga-Gomez phoned Montero on April 25 to ask who had told him to provide copies of the CDs to the government. Montero, the motion says, answered that an “agent” told his office manager to do it. “Mr. Montero then stated that he had been providing to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the past 10 years duplicate copies of the discovery documents selected by defense counsel in other cases.”

ETA: Accidentally quoted BBS copy when I didn’t mean to.


If they’re discovery documents, doesn’t the prosecution already have them? IANAL, and still baffled.


Only the guilty have anything to fear… oh, hang about, you’re being taken to court by the FBI who think you are guilty…

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It’s not that the government doesn’t have copies of all the discovery. The government is:

  1. Storing X number of documents in a storage facility.
  2. Providing full access to those documents to the defense, however the defense has to make copies using a pre-approved copy shop.

Said copy shop is then reporting back to the government which subset of X documents the defense has been requesting copies of. So the argument is that the process might be enough to tip off the prosecution as to how defense counsel intends to defend the case.


Corruption is like Internet porn - anything you can imagine, no matter how foul, it’s out there :frowning:


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