Delicious Madagascar hissing cockroach cake


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I just want to swat it, hard.


“Probably delicious”, if you like Boston Creme Pie. . . I know people who think it’s disgusting, and this plays perfectly into their tastes.



I’m probably the outlier who loves Boston cream pie but the truth is you had me at “Delicious Madagascar hissing cockroach”.

Note that I didn’t even have to get to cake.

My willingness to try almost anything is probably a sign of serious mental problems.


“So Jealous”


Ooh, cake and lunch!


Does it feature a layer of sliced almonds just under the frosting to give it that proper crunch?


I don’t want to know how a Clark Nova cake got its cream filling.


This reminds me of the cake we had for our William S. Burroughs 100th birthday party here in Bloomington. Here’s a picture, courtesy of our friend Jack Sargeant:


I lived in Madagascar for a year. These things were huge, indestructible and utterly terrifying. I got woken one night by two of them fighting in my backpack. You can wallop them with a hiking boot at full force and they don’t even notice.

Yes I know, why wallop them, but I was 18, it was dark, and I was totally terrified.


But does it hiss?


No, no, I’m positive that your reaction was correct.


Oooooh! Save me some thorax!


I took entymology 100 (the bug science one, not the word origin one) in college. At one point the professor took out a Madagascar hissing cockroach and placed it on her shoulder. She invited people to put their ears to it in order to hear it hiss. For a fairly harmless creature, that thing is scary looking. Like a miniature Megalon.



I dunno, I find Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches strangely endearing. Then again, I like spiders, too.


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