Delightful skinless animatronic baby


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If by delightful you mean nightmare fuel then yes.
Seriously it is both creepy and really cool seeing all the moving bits.


Looks a lot like the baby in that daft punk music video :smiley:


Did you notice baby Wolverine at 0:30?


Fun fact, that’s actually the anamatronic for Chucky from Child’s Play with the ‘skin’ taken off.


What’s creepy on it? It’s a robot. A quite good one.

…what does “creepy” really mean, anyway? People use it for all sorts of fairly mundane things and it does not make sense.


The Terminatal?


David Lynch was doing this much more convincingly 40 years ago.


Gah! That thing’s almost as creepy as a real baby!


“Delightful skinless animatronic baby”

I like my baby with skin, please.


Whoa, I can have an animatronic one too!!


Kill it with fire. But please film it and put it on YouTube, so we can see if it’s as funny as watching Tickle Me Elmo burning.


Are we just ignoring those questionably long joystick extenders? Those things were like 6 inches.


“delightful” =/= “creepy as fuck”


What’s “creepy” on this? The mechatronics is nice.
I would love some more detailed description of the details, but that’s it.


What is the opposite of an uncanny valley? Creepazoid Mountain?


More complex, yet way less convincing than the natural, fluid motion of the “realistic anamatronic head” posted recently. I’m wondering if the head had computer programming for natural, fluid motion? The baby’s motions were too isolated.


Hills of Despair perhaps.


Skin doesn’t matter all that much to me, as long as I can get it with the Colonel’s original recipe.


The longer the joystick the more precisely you can control it. No kidding.

They sell them for console controllers as well: