Delta evacuation slide falls from jet in sky, nobody hurt

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so no baggage was on the plane cargo manifest



The slide is stored in a little compartment underneath the door which humans use to exit the airplane in an emergency. The door on that compartment may have come open, the the rush or air past it pushing it fully open and extracting the slide.

The slide doubles as a life raft so it is designed to separate from the aircraft, which is what happened.

That very sad story, made possible by Charlotte airport’s shitty security:

That doesn’t appear to be the case with the front and rear slides on this model:

So, this plane has overwing slides that are contained in a separate compartment and fore and aft slides that reside inside the doors. It seems pretty safe to assume that the former is what fell off this flight. I’m going to guess that the maintenance crew didn’t properly secure the hatch after doing an inspection.

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I’ve always wondered how that plane crash created a big fiery explosion, considering that the plane was completely out of fuel. Very flammable chickens, I guess.image


Here’s “how”. As to the “why”…?


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The people on the plane must not have done the cha-cha real smooth:

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