Delusional Trump compares himself to Nelson Mandela and tells supporters, "You don't have to vote"

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Trump… 27 years in prison…
Yeah, I’d be okay with that.


If he wants to compare himself to Mandela after he’s done a quarter century in the slammer, I don’t have a problem with that.

Well, I mean, I would. But let’s have him do the time first, and then we can talk about it.

I don’t think the Special A.K.A. will ever release a song called “Free Donald Trump”, though …


I hope that his supporters listen to his words and decide not to vote.


Ug. That AI image accompanying the story just seems so wrong. If Trump wants to compare himself to Mandela we can’t stop him, but digitally combining their faces is a choice that I wish wasn’t made, for a variety of reasons. It’s not the same as AI-generated clown makeup or something.


Agree completely. This seems really insulting to Mandela

eta: the picture has since been changed. Thanks Mark


Digital blackface.


I think that with this next presidential election, no matter who the two parties put up, we will finally find some hard proof that voter fraud happens, because it will be Republicans doing it.

They already believe that Democrats are doing it, sans proof, so naturally they will have to do it too. And then they’ll find out it’s not as easy as stuffing ballots marked “Mickey Mouse” and “Bugs Bunny” into ballot boxes.


What do you mean “finally”?


It’s a start.

In other news. Trump went out of his way to praise Viktor Orbán - Hungary’s loathsome Prime Minister and friend of sentient ham Tucker Carlson:

“He’s probably, like, one of the strongest leaders anywhere in the world. He’s the leader of Turkey.”


Hungary, Turkey - he probably thinks you eat one to fix the other, he’s that fucking dumb!


Is it wrong of me to hope they pay a great deal of attention to the words of their Cheeto Savior in this one instance? Please, do not worry about voting. We will take care of that for you. Sure, you can watch us to make sure we do!



(on the sentient part. I’m totally OK with the ham part)


Uh, he’s pretty directly saying that he wants his supporters to intimidate other voters to prevent them from voting.

To be fair about the Nelson Mandela comparison - I’m sure Trump has little to no notion of who Mandela was.

We had quite a lot of evidence of Republicans doing it in the last couple of elections, both individually (lots of cases) and some very small scale organized fraud. Which, ironically, some Republicans used as evidence of (Democratic) voter fraud, by pointing out fraud happened but not mentioning by whom.

All he knows is that he loves authoritarians - all the other details don’t matter (if it’s not a “major” country).

Unfortunately what he means by “watch” is “show up at polling places, possibly armed but definitely violent, so no ‘fraud’ (i.e. brown people voting) occurs,” and his supporters understand that.


I should have expected this.

What I mean is the kind of organized and massive scale 2000 Mules conspiracy shit they are convinced went on in 2020. A bunch of Republicans individually voting twice is a given, and has been for a long time.

In fact 2000 Mules might’ve been the big catalyst for them to try something of that scale. They’ve already tried everything from scary/misleading robo-calls to clearing voter rolls, all that’s left is to come up with their own truckloads of fake ballots to counter the myths of “Chinese ballots with bamboo fibers.”


I suspect anyone willing to spend a few minutes digging could probably find documentation of Trump explicitly supporting the Apartheid regime. We already know he had personal contempt for Mandela.


So if he’s now compared himself to Mandela, is it Trump admitting to himself that he fucked the whole country up? :thinking:


I don’t know if the picture has changed but even going back to look at it after reading this comment, I can’t see anything that reminds me of Nelson Mandela in the image. Just looks like another AI generated crazed Trump image.

Has it changed?

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