Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark


Being a parent is not on the same level of surgery, lets be real here. Whenever it becomes required to get a Masters or PHD to even be a parent then i might defer to this line of thought.

I don’t have kids but i bet you i have a pretty good idea what a given parent is doing right or wrong. Offering unsolicited advice to a parent that’s struggling or being nasty to them is an issue unto itself that has nothing to do with me or someone else having kids or not. Again by your own line of thought, if i did have kids then i am 100% ok to be an asshole to the parent in this instance because having a kid gives me that right? Gotcha.

Again i disagree. Being a parent is difficult, but that doesn’t mean that outside looking in the whole parenting thing is a mystery that can only be deciphered by other parents.


I didn’t say anyone had the right to say anything. Parent or non-parent. Try and keep up.


Mmmmm… these comments are delicious. Keep them coming. :yum:

I’m not saying that any particular people here are wrong or that they don’t have the right to an opinion. Most of the comments here lack knowledge though and even more of them lack empathy.


Deflecting your answer by countering a very specific part of my post? Right. I can see a strawman argument when i see one.



My answer? I’m sorry, did you ask me something besides a rhetorical question that didn’t even merit a response? Because the only straw man I see here is where you assume that I’m saying only parent’s have the right to say anything. Which I clearly didn’t say.

Again, try and keep up. And maybe read-up on your logical fallacy Cliff’s notes if you’re going to act like every discussion on the internet is a formal debate.


Wait, there exist psychologists who don’t have debilitating mental issues?

But, but, wait, Woody Allen and L. Ron Hubbard both told me otherwise!

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)


you do realize we are in agreement on this…right?


Lucky pup!


the joke came to mind for me too :smiley:


I really have to say that @Grey_Devil isn’t the only one who read this comment that way…

How else should any of us take that except to mean you don’t think a non-parent should be giving parenting advice/critique?


Well, it doesn’t say that non-parents shouldn’t be giving parenting advice. All it says is that there’s no way you can know what it’s like if you’re not a parent, and it’s the truth.

I haven’t said anyone was wrong about anything. Give all the advice or critique you like. I’ll decide for myself which ones are hopelessly ignorant or embarrassingly lacking in empathy. Thanks.


I’ve had so many lives in my hands, your comment is really special.


It was a lot more self congratulatory than all that, man. A lot. Don’t leave that part out now!


I agree to your thought process in evaluating a person’s advice based on their experience and giving it however much weight you choose.

I disagree that only a parent can know XYZ…a non parent (like my sister) who works with troubled teens as a psych nurse every day can and does have the proper experience to have empathy and understanding to the issues parents face. The same can be said for many teachers or coaches who may in fact spend more time with someone’s children than the parents do.

You can decide for yourself as you state…but you are being as close minded as I can imagine someone to be. Good luck with that.


I identify with both. Everybody on that airplane went above and beyond. Even the one whose video we’ve seen. Don’t lose sight of that.


Right, I’m closed-minded. Because how? I enjoy the opinions of others? You guys seem to be the only ones here explicitly saying that someone’s opinion is wrong. But hey, good luck with that.

“From their deepest fears they swing their hottest brands.”


Much depends on whether the parents were making genuine efforts to control Junior or if they were happily ensconced in their People magazine or such (Some folks need an entire 8 hour flight to handle such heavy reading.)

I don’t feel like watching the vid as I can have my fill of screaming ill behaved children at almost any afternoon movie or “fast casual” restaurant I care to enter.


So. Very. Tempted.


A baby isn’t really capable of feeling the pain of dehumanization, whereas a non-binary person is fully aware that “it” refers to an object and not a person.

This isn’t a new phenomenon either, given that the SNL sketch was also 20+ years ago.