Demonstrators gather outside Nashville hat store that offered 'not vaccinated' yellow Star of David badges

Honestly, words fail here. A store in Nashville, TN, USA, is selling “Not Vaccinated” badges shaped like the Star of David that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany. FFS


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In case you didn’t see this, can’t remember who posted on another thread (I’d go look, but can’t remember which thread it is from), but, hell yeah:


Her “apology” came pretty quickly after Stetson said they wouldn’t sell to her any more. Tula Hats and Kangol have followed suit. Hopefully this plus the publicity will be enough to put her out of business.


This woman also posted pictures of herself at the capitol on 1/6 and nobody’s done a thing about that. I moved out of Tennessee out of fear that things were getting dramatically worse at a very fast rate. The fact that Nashvillians are not standing for this is awesome to see, but just 15 years ago, nobody would even try this in nashville. Now there’s going to be a significant number of people coming to her defense and some are even doing it for exactly the anti-semetic reasons this woman has in mind.

Nevermind the whole trans thing going on in TN that would make it unsafe for my wife to use the restroom there and unsafe for businesses to be allowed to make her safe.


Yup. When I lived in Nashville in the 1990s the city council passed a law making it illegal to eat dogs, and one of the councilmembers unblinkingly said “well, a lot of Asians have moved into the area, so this is proactive.”


There does still exist a line that even the most batshit GQP cultists cannot cross. That line is constantly being tested and pushed further and further off the deep end.


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