Denny's new mascot looks like a turd 💩



As of press time Denny’s has decided to pass on Sausage for the more kid-friendly “Mr. Nutella.”


You gotta be shitting me…


And they say there’s no truth left in advertising!


oh how ya beat me to it

totally looks like Mr. Hanky



The Customer is #1.

(We are #2!)


The only concern I see here is how South Park’s producers are going to respond to the inevitable lawsuit from Denny’s. An out-of-town cousin for Mr. Hankey? No way they’ll pass on that.


Well…to be fair, the more our food looks like shit, the more we usually want to eat it. You know…candy bar in the pool and all.


I like that the designer worked in a fedora… somehow seems appropriate? well done


This is why British advertising people faced with US advertising hold up their hands in despair and mutter about races to the bottom.


A fan can dream though.


Reporting for duty:
eta: and yes, I did say ‘duty’.


Okay, for somebody not from the US and not Familiar with the food at Denny´s. What IS that thing supposed to be?


A breakfast sausage link…


So something like a Bratwurst?


Yes, but with far lower quality. If you knew how one was made, not only would you not eat one, you may even turn vegetarian on the spot.


I’d say there’s a fairly decent chance whoever is behind this knows exactly what they’re doing, considering this does not seem to have crossed over the edge into Actually Bad Publicity yet.

This is the Denny’s associated with this, after all.



…and muuuuch smaller.


Roughly Trump finger size. (“Freedom fingers”?)


Denny’s wishes we had turds like this after eating there.