Deranged candymaker creates many flavors all with one color


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I’ve always wanted to make my own brand of sweets where the red and the purple ones taste horrible to punish those who intentionally pick out those colours, rather than blindly picking out when offered.

I think I may have strayed from madness to chaotic evil >.<


I love those people; I only like the citrus flavors.

But you know what I hate? Green beer. It looks so minty and refreshing!


Sweet… butter? Wh… what?


madness - whats next? dogs and cats living together? this is surely one of the signs of the impending apocalypse :smiley:


The cover songs performed by The Classy Wrecks are okay. I recommend listening to the original versions:

The Blues Busters - I Won’t Let You Go:
Prince Buster - One Step Beyond:
Prince Buster - Madness:



In the context of butter, “sweet” typically means unsalted.


In the mid-90s there was a brand of colored gumballs called Busted! that came in little tear-open bags. The twist was that a random few were hot, color be damned.


My mom once bought a bag of little dark green hard candies from a roadside stand selling peaches. The peach stand was in Alamosa, CO and the dark green candies were Jalapeno-flavored. SURPRISE!


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.
“Alas! Earwax!”

I imagine they save on buying tints for the candy.


I think it’s a great idea - a kind of lucky dip. But there is special place in hell for anyone who thinks there is a place for chilli in sweets. The risk of one of those ending up in my mouth would prevent me buying.


You do know that proper cake icing is simply butter and sugar… So yes this is a good thing.


Citrus is where it’s at! I remember the day I realized my longterm BF and I have the absolute perfect match in terms of preference in candy flavors. No bag of gummy bears ever has that awkward collection of least liked flavors at the end.


Ummmm…I ate 'em. I also ‘shared’ them with some unsuspecting classmates (and a bratty cousin), but some of my victims sought them out for seconds.


Good music choice given the title


Ugh, I hope there’s no such thing as minty beer. Aside from juleps and mojitos, I’ve never understood why people add mint to their drinks. I’m still trying to forget how a friend from college mixed peppermint schnapps with a lot of beverages - orange juice, soda, coffee, etc. The smell of it still haunts me (shudders).


Peppermint Patty: Hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps. Very pleasant if you’ve just come indoors from slogging home through an Ohio winter.


Oh, I couldn’t - that sounds like a hot version of mint chocolate chip ice cream.:nauseated_face: Mint just seems to overpower other flavors, so every morning it’s coffee first, brush second. Minty coffee is the worst.


I’d imagine it’s similar to butterscotch or toffee, which are just butter and sugar heated together (to different temperatures).

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