DeSantis claims second place is victory

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In fairness, Donald Trump also claimed that second place was a win in 2020, so DeSantis is just imitating his opponent.


I don’t think he’s wrong in this though. The choice is going to be between Donald Trump and ‘the rest’ . The more of ‘the rest’ there are, the bigger chance they all circular firing squad each other and none of them affect Donald Trump. If we hit March and it’s more than 3 candidates, Donald’s got the nomination in a landslide.

First past the post.


“if you ain’t first, you’re last”?


He may actually have a chance if states start leaving Trump off of the ballot due to the 14th amendment.


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The 14th Amendment says insurrectionists can’t hold office. It doesn’t say they can’t be on ballots, though what would be the point of being on the ballot? Well, if you win or claim you’ve won, you can say the 14th doesn’t apply and get your bought and paid for justices to say that’s true.


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Oh yeah, the RNC is gonna get right on that.


[But behind closed doors] Cut to his wife Casey aka Lady MacBeth: “You loser!!”


Will be interesting to see how it pans out if some states decide not to put DJT’s name on the presidential ballot. There are a couple of interesting state court cases coming up try to force the SG’s to do just that.

I thought about that, but honestly, the only states that are likely to do it are states he wouldn’t win anyway.


At this point in the primary process, your position means very little, but as we’re looking at the usual Shriner clown car of candidates, he has some point. He’s got no expectation of beating out Trump yet.

After all, they’re really running for one of two roles: vice president, or candidate replacement in place of a conviction.


Relatedly, the based chance not-Trump has is if Trump becomes unable to run/serve, one way or another. So making it a two-person race is probably the best he can do.

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I agree.

I also think Trump is going to get weaker as we get towards March. His public speaking and ads are getting more emotional and weaker. There’s room for someone else to win this with a more credible campaign.

I also think on the Democratic side, the primary isn’t over. There’s still time for some stronger candidate to announce. I have some feeling that Newsom is waiting for the right timing to announce his candidacy.

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I don’t think that there really is time for that. It’s not something that you can just do at the drop of a hat. And Newsom is looking at 2028. He would be sending out feelers in key primary states at this point if he were even thinking about 2024, and that would be a big secret to keep.

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