DeSantis dips below Christie in New Hampshire poll

Originally published at: DeSantis dips below Christie in New Hampshire poll - Boing Boing DeSantis dips below Christie in New Hampshire poll


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Man, I really though he had a chance over a year ago. I didn’t realize how wooden and unlikable this guy is in public. I have to ask how the hell Florida voted for him in the first place.

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I suspect DeSantis doesn’t have a chance, but I feel like it’s important to point out again that American Research Group is not a very highly rated polling organization.


But… but… they asked 600 people their opinions! :thinking:


He hurts the people the boomers living there want hurt.


Among other things, voter suppression played a large role too.


Also, the Democratic Party nominating a Republican to run against DeSantis in the last election didn’t help. The Democratic Party leadership needs to fucking get over their fear of progressives. You can’t just offer up a less extreme conservative and think you’re giving people a choice.


They asked Republican voters this question? With their grasp of English, this definitely skewed the results. :joy:

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That is pretty low, considering that Christie is one of the other Republican candidates who openly oppose Trump and is himself quite low in their polls.

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he done hes toast go back to to the mess that is FL

Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) called for the abolishment of the IRS during a CNN town hall in Iowa as he makes his final few pitches to the voters of the Hawkeye State. DeSantis said, “I want to eliminate the IRS, and I would like a flat — one single-rate flat tax.

…While DeSantis’s call to level the IRS and its loopholes may strike the casual viewer as either a move of desperation for a flagging campaign or

Nope, we can stop right there. It’s a move of desperation, full stop. This is just about the oldest con in the Republican book, a cheap applause line with nothing to back it up.


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