DeSantis dodges questions on Trump's "vermin" slur (video)

Originally published at: DeSantis dodges questions on Trump's "vermin" slur (video)



Were there a ‘news’ program(me) which asked one question at a time (preferably with the interviewee’s mic disabled), then ended the interview after the second time that one question was asked and not addressed with: “ah well, please come back on our show when you’re going to answer our questions, Senator”. … i swear i’d watch only that show and buy all the turnip-twadders therein advertised. Of course, such a thing is institutionally beyond possibility -sigh-

Call it: "The One Question at a Time" show



“Vermin? Like . . . a mouse? A mouse with big round ears and a high squeaky voice and red pants? That kind of vermin?”


Maybe his beef with Disney is more personal than we realize.


One can only conclude that he agrees with “President” Trump but is too cowardly to admit it.

DeSantis certainly knows who makes up his voting base (or would if another aspiring fascist dictator didn’t already have them in his pocket).

I want to highlight this because I noticed something interesting. This isn’t exactly what he said. The first two times he used the word ‘running’, he very pointedly enunciated it as ‘runnin’. Then he slipped back into his actual natural accent and said ‘running’ from then on. He’s trying to copy this folksy hick act John Kennedy does, but he sucks at it. It’s actually kind of hilarious when you think about it. Everything about DeSantis is him trying to copy what other politicians have done successfully, but he sucks at it. He tries to do Trump, but that only works for Trump. He tries to take on big corporations to make himself seem like he’s on the side of "the people’, but he gets his ass kicked every time. And now he’s trying to pull off the “aww shucks I’m no East Coast Elite Lawyer Man, I’m just simple country folk” act and no one is ever going to buy it. Everything about DeSantis is horrible and incompetent. Frankly, I don’t even know how he got elected governor in the first place. He honestly sucks at politics and campaigning. I know how he got re-elected. Democrats ran a Republican against him, giving their base no reason to vote. But I don’t know how DeSantis won the first time.


Perhaps this Vermin.


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