Despite negative feedback from advertisers, Musk confirms plan to further reduce Twitter/X's utility

Well stated and thorough reply. It’s just so boggling to see so much base incompetence concentrated into so small an area as the tiny amount of space inside his clearly very thick skull. I never had a high opinion of him, but apparently that low opinion was monstrously too high.


He is (or was) the richest man in the world, so one assumes he couldn’t possibly have gotten there largely through sheer dumb luck, but… he really has. He was raised in wealth, went to school with other wealthy people with whom he made connections that helped him be in the right place at the right time, several times over (allowing him to make boatloads of money off companies he almost ran into the ground) and that was that…


Second richest man on the planet, currently.

Still richest idiot on the planet, though.


Countless wealth inheritors: “Hold my beer.”


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