Musk's latest effort to make Twitter even worse succeeds

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Does the phrase “Beating a Dead Bird” exist yet?



Hooray! I hope he keeps it up. Maybe people will eventually stop going there, and one of the worst toxic hate machines on the Internet will lose its ability to influence my government.


A bird in the Musk is worth … nothing?



I keep bringing this up but this is more proof that Musk doesn’t even know what Twitter is.

Twitter is a platform where

  1. Popular users create content (for free, if Twitter plays its cards right)
  2. Millions of other users come to see that content
  3. The company makes money selling advertisers access to those millions of users’ eyeballs

Without step #1 the platform has no value or pathway to profitability at all.


“We’ve made ourselves a vital channel for people to get emergency information from the authorities.”

Musk: “Hey, let’s charge the government agencies for the privilege of staying on Twitter!”

I don’t know if it’s even worth making 5D chess jokes here anymore. The fanbois are long gone from these Topics.


Twitter is where people like Musk make inane jokes and everyone has to see them. He payed so much to ensure that. Of course he’s incapable of comprehending that’s not what other people were doing and they don’t have to stick around, that would involve a theory of mind.


Really? Going forward, who’s going to trust emergency messages to a service where the boss keeps flip-flopping on stuff that shouldn’t have been flipped in the first place?


I’m shocked, shocked, that one of the richest people in the world, born into a wealthy emerald mining family, and given a large safety net when setting out on his own, has no concept of how investing in something (and losing out on immediate revenue) can help it in the long term. I wonder what this douche thinks about taxes and social services. /s

For real, can we just lock up this idiot in a cell equipped with a button that’ll play a clip of a studio audience clapping whenever he presses it? You can give all his money to me btw.


Guy keeps banging up against the glass ceiling of his own crass stupidity.


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Musk uses Twitter to egowank, and he can’t understand any other use because his life is untethered to anything except Musk. He has no use for user communities that support each other, emergency messages that the bus is late, or that the tornado is on time.

He doesn’t understand that the main activity of Twitter is the snowball of delivering user posts, that they get for free, to other users.

He doesn’t understand advertising, and has always depended shit-posting to drive the buzz about his companies.

I’d love to drop this idea where he could see it and invent it himself:

  • Charge a sliding scale for Twitter based on number of followers. Have a cap for free users, and if someone doesn’t pay, switch off their followers down to the cap.

It’s so destructively Musk, right?


It’s amazing that he didn’t recognize that from the start. I’d say it’s slowly dawning on him what Twitter actually is, but I don’t believe it yet, as he’s such a spectacular idiot. He makes these terrible decisions, then backtracks in ways that are opaque, inconsistent and chaotic, so no one knows what the current state of things is, nor what they’ll be in the future (because they’re guaranteed to change again at the drop of a hat). Which means even his backtracking doesn’t make anything better (and often, in fact, worse).

For groups like the MTA, once they get forced to leave Twitter, do they really want to make the effort to find out if they can come back, re-establish themselves on Twitter and hope everything stays stable enough that they won’t suddenly get kicked off again, or just find some other, actually stable alternative? Are there still enough active users on Twitter that it makes sense to use it to release information?

It was clear from the start he fundamentally didn’t understand what he had bought, but it’s subsequently become obvious that his ignorance is fractal - the nature of Twitter at every scale eludes him entirely; the more closely he investigates it, the less he seems to understand.

It really seems like his (mis-) understanding of Twitter is highly solipsistic - all he can see is a tech platform that forces as many people as possible to see his posts. In a pinch he can extend this out to other people - that Twitter is a tech platform that forces as many people as possible to see the posts of people like him.

Also, even before the MTA left, impersonation accounts had already popped up… Elno’s created problems for himself on multiple levels, particularly in trying to retain these accounts. No doubt his solution now will be to give the MTA account to some tr0lls.


Stupidity within stupidity within stupidity. An “imbecileption” scenario, if you will.


He’s not a genius.

He’s not playing 5D chess.

He’s a fucking idiot whose Daddy owned an emerald mine and he’s used that money to employ smart people and dodge the raindrops.

And now, he’s getting wet.


never ceases to innovate.

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It’s long overdue that the governments realize that a twitter-like service is a vital communication method.

Ideally the UN for some such would create one and then vet all relevant governmental agencies.

A bonus would be that there should be significantly less spam on such a service.


And the more advertisers can pay to get prime slots to hawk their wares to the users.

This is just basic fucking capitalism and he can’t even get this right.